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Arnold Law Firm is based in Sacramento and works with attorneys in Chico and Paradise. We personally and attentively represent over 100 families in claims arising from the Camp Fire of 2018 in Paradise, California, and surrounding communities. In that litigation, PG&E declared bankruptcy and paid to establish a settlement fund for over $13 Billion. We are helping our clients get through the claims process bureaucracy to maximize their recoveries. Arnold Law Firm handles each claim personally, and every client has their lawyer’s cell phone for personal attention. There is no army of law clerks standing between our clients and us.

Wildfire claims at Arnold Law Firm are handled by Josh Watson, who has been an attorney for 15 years and represents clients around the country in mass tort claims where large companies hurt hundreds or thousands of people.


It is disheartening to see that PG&E cannot seem to stop starting new fires. PG&E is already on criminal probation and is facing additional criminal prosecution for starting fires. The company has reported that its equipment was involved in igniting the Dixie Fire. A company employee reported that fuses were blown, and a tree was caught in PG&E’s wires in the area of the ignition.

Under California law, a utility company like PG&E is legally responsible for the destruction of property caused by equipment or activities. Although PG&E has been found negligent and even criminally responsible for fires and deaths in the past, the company can be held liable whenever its equipment starts a wildfire.


In addition to the resources here, we are happy to talk with you and let you know how we can help. If you would like to speak with a member of our wildfire claims team, don’t hesitate to get in touch with us via our website, send us an email at [email protected], or call our office at (916) 777-7777.


If you or a loved one are affected by the Dixie Fire, the first thing to do is make sure you are physically safe. After that, there are several resources available for your short-term needs, including:

  • FEMA has started a page for the Dixie Fire, which may eventually be updated to provide information for monetary assistance.
  • Plumas County provides a page that includes information about shelters and other resources.
  • allows you to find resources based on your location.
  • ABC 10 is keeping a page for updates and current resources/shelters.


It seems very likely that PG&E will be held legally liable for the Dixie Fire since it admits that its equipment was sparking and caught up in a tree at the ignition site. If PG&E’s equipment started or contributed to the fire, it will likely be liable for damaged and destroyed property. This is true whether or not PG&E was careless. If PG&E was careless in causing the fire, it is likely liable for the emotional distress of the fire, lost wages, lost business income, and many other kinds of damages.

It is a good idea to consult with attorneys at Arnold Law Firm, who are experienced in both wildfire litigations against PG&E and the legal practice area of mass torts. Like other wildfires caused by PG&E, this fire will likely generate thousands of legal claims. Since PG&E recently declared bankruptcy, it is unlikely the courts will allow it to declare bankruptcy again. However, this means that cases filed now will likely go through the court system, which has complex rules and can be expensive.

Arnold Law Firm proudly represents clients on a contingency basis. We do not charge our clients for our services or the costs of litigation out of pocket. We only charge when a case is concluded in a client’s favor and do not ask for any money upfront. We charge only a portion of what we actually recover for you, and we may be able to require PG&E to cover all or part of those charges in addition to what they owe you.

We can provide you with a free consultation about:

  1. Tips to consider when filing any insurance claims.
  2. What to do if you do not have insurance
  3. When and how to file a claim against PG&E
  4. Whether you can make claims against anyone other than PG&E
  5. What kind of evidence you should preserve or obtain to help your case, even if you have lost most of your belongings in the fire
  6. What options the law provides for moving your life forward after the fire

We take each client seriously and know that you need an attorney who focuses on you. Our wildfire clients are represented by a team and have their lawyer’s cell phone number for updates and questions, so they never wonder what is going on. The fire is hard enough. We are here for you.