Common Factors That May Delay an Injury Claim

HourglassIf you filed a claim for injuries caused by someone else’s negligence but are still waiting for the insurance company to return your calls, offer fair compensation, or process those forms you filled out, you may be wondering what is causing the delays.

While some delays in a claim may be reasonable, there are other times when the insurance company purposely causes the delay to try to get you to settle for less than the full value of the claim. Learn more about common reasons for delays with injury claims.

Our Sacramento personal injury lawyers are prepared to help you through the process of filing your claim to help you recover the full value of your claim as quickly as possible.

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Some accidents result in serious injuries that may take a significant amount of time to heal. Since treatment costs are likely to continue piling on, it is usually a good idea to begin negotiating for compensation once you reach maximum medical improvement. At that point, your doctors may be able to help you better understand what the cost of future treatment could be.

It is important that you discuss the costs of diagnosis, treatment, and future medical expenses with your doctors and your attorney, who may then begin negotiating on your behalf.

While this may, unfortunately, delay your recovery of compensation, it is an important step that should not be rushed. If you rush, you may undervalue your claim.


Once you know the value of your claim, your attorney will likely begin negotiating with the insurance company. Unfortunately, the insurance company will probably not agree on the number your attorney presents, and they will likely reject paying it. However, they may make a counteroffer that is significantly less. Soon after, your attorney can make another demand and so on until a deal is made.

It may take time to reach a number both sides will agree to. The insurance company may drag its feet on responding to counteroffers, hoping the victim will give up and accept the insurance company’s most recent offer of compensation.


If there are disputes over who may be liable for an accident, it may take time for a proper investigation to be finished. Accident reconstruction experts may need to be brought on board to determine how the accident occurred and who is ultimately liable for damages.

Additionally, the insurance company may claim your symptoms are due to a preexisting condition or your negligence.

Any disputes over liability may delay your claim while each side gathers sufficient evidence to try to prove their version of events.


There are some instances when the insurance company is denying liability and therefore refusing to negotiate. When this happens, it may be necessary to file a lawsuit.

While this may help get the insurance company to move its feet, the process of going to court may be lengthy, as there are a lot of steps involved. One of those steps includes the process of discovery, which may take weeks or more to get through, depending on the complexity of your claim.


Although there is no quick way to resolve a personal injury claim, there are some delays that are not always justified. The insurance company is going to try to delay paying your compensation for as long as possible to get you to give up fighting for it.

Fortunately, our attorneys are prepared to deal with the insurance company on your behalf and work hard toward moving the process along as quickly as possible, as we seek full compensation.

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