I Got a Low Settlement Offer That Only Covers a Fraction of My Medical Expenses. Is it Worth Talking to an Attorney?

low settlement offer does not cover medical billsThe cold truth is that insurance companies have the upper hand when you represent yourself as an accident victim. They have far more leverage, resources, and expertise – even if you do extensive research, write assertive letters, and present your situation in a compelling manner.

The job of an insurance adjuster is to pay out the least amount of money possible. They know that individuals are more likely to accept low offers for many reasons, such as:

  • Time required to respond, gather evidence, and complete paperwork
  • Lack of knowledge regarding the legal process, deadlines, requirements, and rights
  • Intimidation and/or confusion
  • Ineffective presentation of evidence and proof of negligence, liability, and damages
  • Lack of threat of taking the case to trial

Having a law firm act as a communication buffer can dramatically change the tone and stance of the insurance company, as the negotiation playing field is leveled.

Fortunately, you can explore whether hiring an attorney is in your best interest without incurring risk. Most personal injury attorneys will evaluate your case at no cost or obligation and offer a contingency agreement. This means that there are no upfront fees, and the law firm is paid a percentage of the proceeds they obtain for you.

Can legal representation really increase your settlement enough to make the attorney fees worth it, or are you better off accepting a low offer? While no law firm can legitimately offer a settlement guarantee, a competent lawyer will be honest about the potential value range of your case and help assess whether they can help improve your situation.

Below are examples of real clients who came to the Arnold Law Firm after receiving low settlement offers from insurance companies. They were concerned about being unable to pay medical bills for treatment of their injuries. Our legal team was able to significantly increase settlements to fairly compensate for their damages.


A Chevy Blazer crashed into the back of Juliana’s Honda Accord while she was safely stopped along the side of the road to accommodate an emergency vehicle with its lights and siren on. Her car sustained significant damage, and Juliana suffered neck and back pain that persisted despite medical treatment.

The insurance company for the at-fault driver offered Juliana $2,000 as a settlement for her injuries. Our legal team obtained a total settlement of $100,000 for her damages.

  • Initial offer (before attorney):                     $2,000
  • Final settlement (with representation): $100,000


While commuting to work in her Mazda Miata, Vickie stopped for a pedestrian in the designated crosswalk. A Ford Crown Victoria sedan collided with the back bumper of her compact car. Despite minimal visible property damage, Vickie suffered significant injuries requiring extensive medical and dental treatment, including surgery.

The insurance company for the negligent driver accepted liability but offered Vickie a shockingly low $500 settlement for her injuries. Our legal team obtained a total settlement of $102,500.

  • Initial offer (before attorney):                     $500
  • Final settlement (with representation): $102,500

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