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slip and fallDid you slip and fall on someone else’s property?

If your accident was caused by the property owner failing to maintain a safe environment, you may be eligible to seek compensation for medical bills related to your injuries, lost wages, loss of earning capacity, pain and suffering, and other damages.

You should strongly consider meeting with an experienced Sacramento slip and fall lawyer to discuss possible legal options. The Arnold Law Firm has been assisting personal injury victims throughout California for more than four decades and have obtained millions in compensation on their behalf, including a verdict of $1.75 million for a woman who slipped and fell on a tile floor and suffered a traumatic brain injury.

Founder and President Clayeo Arnold is a member of the American Board of Trial Advocates and the Million Dollar Advocates Forum, one of the most prestigious groups of trial lawyers in the nation.

Our attorneys are prepared to help you get the compensation you need during this difficult time. We do not charge any upfront fees, and we do not get paid unless you do, which means there is no risk to you.

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How Can an Attorney Help Me?

Did you know injury victims who hire attorneys often recover more compensation compared to those who do not? However, you do not want to pick just any attorney. You need one with experience managing a case like yours and a track record of success.

If you are unsure whether you have a valid case, unsure how to pursue compensation, or need any help with the legal process, our firm may be able to assist you.

At the Arnold Law Firm, we have helped numerous slip and fall victims obtain compensation. We have extensive knowledge of relevant laws and how to build a strong case for a slip and fall victim. We are prepared to manage each step of the legal process on your behalf. We want you to be able to focus on your recovery and medical treatment.

Another benefit to working with an experienced attorney is that he or she can prepare your case for trial. While most cases settle, it is important to have a lawyer who is prepared to go to trial. Being represented by a trial attorney may motivate the insurance company to make a better compensation offer. When the insurance company refuses to offer full compensation, a trial is often the last resort for obtaining the funds you need.

When you hire our firm, our goal is to obtain maximum compensation to help you deal with physical, financial and emotional damages.

Do I Have a Valid Case for Compensation?

Because many factors determine whether a slip and fall case is worth pursuing, it is best to consult with an experienced attorney to discuss your situation. The Arnold Law Firm offers free, no-obligation initial consultations with slip and fall injury victims.

While every situation is unique, victims may have a valid case if three things can be established:

  • Property owner or employees created a dangerous situation or allowed the creation of a dangerous situation, such as a wet floor
  • The property owner knew there was a dangerous condition or could have been reasonably expected to know about the dangerous condition
  • The property owner or employees did not take action to remedy the dangerous condition or at least provide fair warning to visitors to the property

When our attorneys evaluate a slip and fall case, there are many additional factors to consider, such as:

  • How your injury occurred
  • Your legal status while you were on the property
  • The function of the property: Is it public or private? Why do people visit the property?
  • The ability of the property owner to reasonably anticipate the risk of an accident or injury
  • The owner’s efforts to fix a dangerous condition or notify visitors of the danger
  • Did the property owner have rules about inspecting the property for danger?

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Establishing Liability for Your Injury

The property owner’s responsibility to you as a visitor depends on your legal status while you were on the property. There are three types of visitors to a property: invitee, licensee and trespasser.

An invitee is someone who has been invited or has an implied invitation onto the property for a purpose related to the property owner’s business. An example is a customer at a retail store, which actively invites members of the public to come in and buy things.

Property owners have a duty of care to warn or protect invitees from harmful conditions, if the risk of harm is unreasonable and the property owner knows of, or should know of, the dangerous condition.

A licensee is a person who enters the property or is on the property for his or her own purpose with the consent of the property owner, such as a social guest.

Property owners may be held liable for injuries to licensees if it can be proven that the dangerous condition presented an unreasonable risk of harm, the owner failed to use reasonable care to make conditions safe, and the licensee could not have known about the condition or the risk.

A trespasser is someone who entered the property without permission. Generally, property owners have no duty to warn of dangers or make their premises safe. However, if the owner is aware of people who regularly trespass, he or she may need to use ordinary care to help ensure their safety.

How Much is a Slip and Fall Claim Worth?

The value of each claim is unique and dependent on numerous factors, including the extent of your injuries, your level of pain and suffering, and other factors.

Our Sacramento slip and fall lawyers are prepared to pursue maximum compensation for your injuries and damages, including physical, financial and emotional damages. Past and future medical bills often make up a large portion of a personal injury settlement or verdict, including costs such as:

  • Surgeries
  • Prescription medication
  • Medical tests
  • Physical therapy and rehabilitation
  • Appointments with doctors

You may also be eligible to recover lost wages for days you were unable to work and loss of earning capacity if the injury reduced your ability to earn a living in the future.

The emotional suffering caused by your injuries may also be compensable in an injury claim. For example, if you experience depression or anxiety or a loss of enjoyment of life, you may be able to obtain compensation for these damages.

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How Much Time Do I Have to File a Claim?

In many cases, California has a two-year statute of limitations for personal injury claims. That means claims must be filed within two years of the date of the injury or they will likely be dismissed by the court.

However, there are exceptions to this deadline, based on the specifics of your claim. If the injury occurred on public property and a government entity may be liable, you may have just six months from the date of the injury to file.

The Sacramento slip and fall lawyers at the Arnold Law Firm can determine the deadline that may apply to your claim. However, the clock may already be running, so it is important to contact us right away.

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What to Do After a Slip and Fall Accident

claim formThe most important thing you should do after a slip and fall accident is seek medical attention. You need qualified medical professionals to examine you and diagnose your injuries. Some injuries could become much worse if you wait to seek treatment, such as a traumatic brain injury. If you have visible injuries, photograph this evidence.

While you are still at the scene, try to collect evidence, if you are physically able. For example, take pictures of the scene, including the obstacle, hazard or conditions that caused your injury. Once you leave the scene, it may be cleaned up or altered, so this may be your only chance to capture it as it looked when you were hurt.

If there were any witnesses, ask for their contact information and take notes on your conversations with them. You can record the conversation on your smartphone with their permission.

Ask the property owner about filing an official accident report. This serves as an official record of what happened and helps link your injury to the accident.

Promptly contact an experienced slip and fall lawyer to determine whether you have a valid case.

Common Places Where Slip and Fall Accidents Happen

Slip and fall accidents happen in many different locations, including:

  • Parks and playgrounds
  • Restaurants
  • Retail stores
  • Swimming pools
  • Arenas
  • Stadiums
  • Theaters
  • Parking lots

Types of Slip and Fall Injuries

People often assume slip and fall injuries are typically minor in nature, such as sprains or strains or cuts and bruises. However, they can result in broken bones, spinal cord injuries, brain injuries and other forms of head trauma, lacerations and other serious injuries. These can be costly to treat and require long-term care.

Immediate medical care is important to stabilize your injury and help prevent it from getting worse. Even strains and other soft-tissue injuries that may be considered minor in nature can cause long-term pain and other symptoms.

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