What Are the Benefits of Hiring a Local Attorney for an Injury Claim?

two men shaking handsWhen choosing an attorney after getting injured by someone else’s negligent actions, you should strongly consider a local lawyer, as there are many benefits to locally based legal counsel. While a firm from out of the area or one that takes cases across the nation may impress you, their attorneys may not have the local knowledge of a local attorney.

As a part of the community, our Sacramento-based personal injury lawyers have been devoted to fighting for our clients’ rights for decades and have successfully recovered millions in compensation on their behalf.

Below, we discuss some of the benefits of hiring a local attorney to help pursue compensation for your injuries.

Understanding of Local Laws

There are a variety of local laws that could impact a personal injury claim, particularly laws about liability and insurance coverage.

As a Sacramento-based law firm, we have an in-depth understanding of California’s complex liability laws and know what rights individuals have when injured due to someone else’s negligence. For example, California law sets a strict liability standard for cases involving defective products and dangerous animals.

Working with an out-of-area attorney could delay the resolution of your case, as your attorney may need to do a thorough research of local laws.

Local attorneys are also familiar with the time limits for filing legal paperwork, whereas an out-of-area attorney may need to research it.

Familiarity with Opposing Counsel and Judges

Attorneys who have worked in the personal injury realm for a long time tend to run into familiar faces when working on cases. If an attorney has worked in a specific area for a certain period, then he or she is also likely to run into the same people on the opposing side.

Being familiar with attorneys who defend insurance companies is usually a good thing because your attorney knows the strategies the opposing party often likes to use to argue cases. They also understand the negotiation tactics that work and which ones do not.

Familiarity with judges is also important because one is aware of the types of cases the judge may be keen on taking on and which ones the judge may send for alternative dispute resolution out of court. Knowing this often takes the guesswork out of a case and may help save time when deciding whether to try and fight the case in court or agree to settlement negotiations.

Reputation in the Community

Local attorneys usually build a reputation in their community after a time. When successful, an attorney may be acknowledged as someone who is unwavering in his or her support of a client and determined to recover maximum compensation. This can help when taking on a large insurance company.

When an insurance company’s attorney knows he or she is going up against an attorney who is prepared to file a lawsuit, the company is going to be a lot more likely to offer fair compensation.

Knowledge of the Court Rooms

If your case makes it to trial, it may be useful to have someone on your side who is familiar with court rules and proceedings in the area and may be able to help you navigate them.

Knowing the dress code of a courtroom or where to park and how to pay for parking may be useful, even if it does not seem important to your case.

Local Attorneys Are Part of Your Community

Local attorneys live, work and drive in the same neighborhoods as you and your loved ones. They are familiar with the roads, businesses and terrain specific to the Sacramento region. Being nearby, they can quickly review the location of an incident to gather additional evidence, pictures and information that could be critical to your case without delay.

Our local attorneys have a keen awareness of the region’s ongoing issues. For example, they may have already taken a similar crash in the exact location and know that there could be more involved than driver error; from previous crashes, the area is prone to flooding because of improper drainage. They have the advantage of being more knowledgeable about local matters that could be invaluable to your case.

As a part of the Sacramento community, our attorneys want to try to make sure bad actors are held accountable for their negligent actions. By pursuing compensation from someone who acted negligently and caused someone else harm, our attorneys are using legal means to assure the injured party is adequately compensated and that the responsible party is swayed from the same negligent conduct in the future.

Aside from our commitment to our clients, the Arnold Law Firm also gives back to the community by hosting or participating in charity events like Walk for Thought and Race for the Cure.

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