Washington State Department of Licensing Class Action Lawsuit Filed

The Arnold Law Firm filed a class action lawsuit against the Washington State Department of Licensing (referred to as “WADOL”) for its mishandling of class members’ information. If you have received a notice of settlement regarding this matter, Garcia, et al. v. Washington Department of Licensing, you are likely a member of the settlement class […]

Consumers Warned to Immediately Stop Using Onewheel Electric Skateboards

The Arnold Law firm has taken legal action against Future Motion, Inc. on behalf of several consumers who sustained damages and/or physical injuries allegedly caused by defects present in Onewheel vehicles. According to the CPSC, these devices have caused at least four deaths and numerous serious injuries, after the product failed to balance the rider […]

What Should I Do After Receiving a Class Action Lawsuit Notification?

If you received a notification of a class action lawsuit, you may be wondering what steps to take next. The most important thing to do first is to thoroughly review the notification. It may be in your best interest to review the document with a licensed attorney. Our experienced attorneys are prepared to go over […]

The Arnold Law Firm Has Filed Suit Alleging Potentially Serious Defects With The Onewheel XR and Onewheel Pint

NOTICE: If you purchased or own a Onewheel XR or Onewheel Pint, call or text the Arnold Law Firm at (916) 777-7777 to discuss your legal options, or submit a confidential Case Evaluation form here. Manufacturers must ensure that their products are safe to use. While the Onewheel can be a fun and fast way for people to […]

cbdMD, Inc. Class Action Data Breach Lawsuit Filed

Plaintiffs Michael Warshawsky of Florida, and Michael Steinhauser of California, filed a class action lawsuit accusing cbdMD, Inc. of failing to protect their personal data, along with thousands of other customers who placed online orders from March 30, 2020 through May 8, 2020 and May 14, 2020 through May 18, 2020. The retailer’s e-commerce platform […]

I Might be a Member of a Class Action Lawsuit, What Should I Do?

A class action lawsuit is when one person (or a few people) sue a negligent corporation on behalf of the entire group of people who could have incurred damages, known as class members. The person filing the legal complaint is known as a class representative. Potential class members may be notified directly via mail or […]

What is a Class Action Lawsuit?

In a traditional lawsuit, one party sues another to right a wrong. However, sometimes a particular wrong may affect a large number of individuals. If each of these people brought their own lawsuit against the wrongdoer, the numerous small cases would clog the court process. When a group of people have been affected by the […]