Washington State Department of Licensing Class Action Lawsuit Filed

Judge's gavel on a law book.The Arnold Law Firm filed a class action lawsuit against the Washington State Department of Licensing (referred to as “WADOL”) for its mishandling of class members’ information.

If you have received a notice of settlement regarding this matter, Garcia, et al. v. Washington Department of Licensing, you are likely a member of the settlement class and you should go to https://www.wadoldatabreachsettlement.com/ for more information and for instructions as to how to submit a claim.

If you detect any signs of identity theft or financial fraud or suspicious activity on your financial accounts you should keep track of it, including keeping screen shots or photos of any notices or fraud alerts you receive from your bank or from any credit monitoring service. You should also keep track of any time you spend checking your accounts and credit reports, as well as any time spent trying to find more information about this data breach.  You may be entitled to compensation from WADOL and this information will help make sure you get the compensation you deserve. 

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