Can a Trucking Company Be Liable for Damages After a Sacramento Crash?

Crashes involving big rigs and other large commercial vehicles cause a lot of devastation in a matter of seconds. Truck drivers have a bad reputation for always being at fault in these collisions, but did you know that trucking companies may also be liable for damages from a crash? At Arnold Law Firm, we represent […]

The Dangers of Truck Driver Shortages in California

According to the American Trucking Association, the U.S. will be short about 175,000 truck drivers by the year 2026. This shortage of qualified drivers is raising concerns for many across the country about roadway safety. Our truck accident lawyers in Sacramento are prepared to review your claim to see what legal options may be available […]

Big Rig Accidents Cause Big Damages

A fully loaded big rig can weigh more than 15 times as much as a typical car. The average weight of a passenger vehicle is about 2.5 tons, while a semi with a full trailer can legally weigh up to 40 tons. The stark weight disparity between a commercial tractor-trailer and a passenger vehicle can […]

Dealing with the Trucking Company after an Accident

The weight and size of a commercial truck puts the occupants of passenger vehicles at serious risk if they are involved in an accident with one of these vehicles. These accidents commonly cause debilitating injuries and even death. If you were in a truck accident, you may have mounting medical bills because you need long-term […]

Factors that Affect Your Truck Accident Case

Accidents involving commercial trucks tend to cause greater damage than those involving smaller vehicles, due to their relative size and weight. Truck collisions may result in devastating injuries, as well as significant property damage, which can create a heavy financial burden for the victim. Commercial trucking accidents also typically involve multiple potentially responsible parties, possible […]

Who is Liable in a Commercial Truck Accident?

If you are injured in a commercial truck accident, determining who is at fault can be complex. Commercial trucking operations involve multiple parties, each responsible for different aspects which could make them liable in an accident. It is important to accurately assess liability with a trucking accident to determine the correct parties to pursue compensation […]

The Danger of Defective or Malfunctioning Parts on Commercial Trucks

Many truck accidents are caused by the driver’s negligence. However, there are also a significant number of accidents caused by defective parts on a commercial truck, from fuel tanks to lighting. Below, learn more about some of the most common defective truck parts that cause accidents. If you were injured in a collision with a […]

How Safety Regulations Can Affect Your Truck Accident Case

One way to prove negligence in a truck accident is to establish that the driver or another entity violated California trucking industry regulations in a variety of areas, such as drug and alcohol testing, weight limits or securing cargo. If you or a loved one sustained an injury from a truck accident, it is important […]

7 Things to Do After a Truck Accident

Truck accidents can happen in an instant. Due to the size of these vehicles, being hit by a massive commercial truck can be terrifying and can cause serious injuries. The actions you take after a truck accident can impact your claim for compensation, so it is important to know how to protect yourself. Below are […]

10 Safety Tips for Driving Around Trucks

Driving around commercial trucks can be dangerous, so always take extra precautions. The risk of an accident increases with these vehicles because they have larger blind spots, cannot maneuver as easily, and take longer to stop compared to passenger vehicles. 1. Avoid Blind Spots Big rigs and other large vehicles have much larger blind-spot areas […]

How Can Hours of Service Regulations Affect Your Truck Accident Case?

One of the most common causes of truck accidents is fatigued or drowsy driving. Commercial truck drivers face intense pressure from their employers to meet tight deadlines, pushing them to drive when they are over-tired. When our truck accident lawyers in Sacramento take a case involving a commercial vehicle, we check to see if the […]

Common Types of Truck Accident Injuries

Between 2014 and 2015, more than 7,500 people were killed in accidents involving commercial trucks, according to the Insurance Institute for Highway Safety/Highway Loss Data Institute. In 2015, 69 percent of truck accident fatality victims were occupants of passenger vehicles. Collisions involving large commercial trucks also caused numerous additional people to suffer a wide variety […]