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What Are the Most Common Causes of Fatal Car Accidents in California?

California falls just behind Texas in the number of fatal car accidents per year. The causes of these fatal accidents vary, but there are some causes that are more common than others. Below, we discuss the most common causes of fatal car crashes in California, including speeding and impaired driving. If you lost a loved […]

Common Symptoms Accident Victims Should Not Ignore

Experiencing a car crash can be a traumatic and disorienting event. Victims are often left with physical and emotional scars. It is crucial for accident victims to be aware of symptoms that should not be ignored following a collision. If you were involved in a crash caused by another driver’s negligence, call our Sacramento car […]

Can I File a Claim if I Suffered Injuries From an Airbag?

According to the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration (NHTSA), vehicles can be equipped with frontal and side airbags. Frontal airbags have been standard in all passenger vehicles since model year 1998 and all SUVs, pickup trucks and vans since model year 1999. The airbag in a vehicle is meant to prevent serious injuries or death […]

What is the Duty of Care Element in a Car Accident Case?

California drivers have a legal obligation to avoid causing another person harm. This is known as the duty of care. It is an important element to help establish negligence in an accident case. Below, we discuss the different standards of care, who is owed a duty of care and who must uphold a duty of […]

How Does Negligence Per Se Affect an Accident Claim?

When filing a claim after an accident, the victim must prove his or her damages were the direct result of another party’s negligence. In most accident cases, the injured party must prove ordinary negligence. However, there is also the doctrine of negligence per se. Negligence per se is when someone violates a law, and in […]

Why is it Important to File a Police Report After a Crash?

Filing a police report is one of the most important first steps to take after a car accident, besides ensuring you get medical treatment. A police report serves multiple purposes after a crash, including being an official record of an accident. Below, we discuss why it is important to file a police report and how […]

Why You Should Carry More Uninsured/Underinsured Motorist Coverage in California

  About 15 percent of drivers in California are not insured, according to data from Wallet Hub. The odds of getting into an accident with an uninsured driver is about one in seven. Although uninsured/underinsured motorist (UM/UIM) coverage is optional, it is worth including it in your policy. Below, we discuss why you should consider […]

Can an Insurance Tracking Device Affect My Car Accident Claim?

Plenty of insurance companies offer their customers lower rates in exchange for installing a tracking device in their vehicle. Drivers must meet certain criteria to get the discounts, though, such as limiting driving to a certain number of miles per month and avoiding dangerous driving behaviors like speeding or hard braking. Although a tracking device […]

Can Insurers Deny Claims by Blaming Weather?

California has seen significant amounts of rain, resulting in flooding, mudslides and landslides. These weather events have resulted in significant damage to property, injuries to people and even deaths. This raises questions about insurance coverage for damages. Unfortunately, the insurance company may try to deny your claim by blaming adverse weather events. You may be […]

What if I Was Hit By an Undocumented Driver in California?

Unlicensed, uninsured and undocumented drivers cause their fair share of car accidents in California. While you may have heard about legal options for crashes with unlicensed or uninsured drivers, victims of car accidents caused by an undocumented driver may also have some legal options. Below, we discuss the law that allows undocumented drivers to obtain […]

What Are My Legal Options if I Was Hit by an Unlicensed Driver?

To get behind the wheel of a vehicle, you must have a valid driver’s license. Unfortunately, California has a problem with unlicensed drivers. It is estimated that anywhere between one and two million people in the state operate a vehicle without a license. You never know when you might get into a crash with an […]

Can a Passenger File a Claim Against More Than One At-Fault Driver After an Accident?

If you were injured in an accident as a passenger, you have the right to pursue compensation for your damages. You may be able to file a claim against more than one driver if there are multiple parties at fault for the collision. For example, you may have a claim against the driver of the […]