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Where Should I Go for Medical Attention After an Accident?

Many accident victims may not know whether they suffered an injury in an accident until a doctor diagnoses them. This may happen with a concussion or a soft-tissue injury. That is why it is important to seek medical attention as soon as possible after an accident. Seeking the right type of treatment, however, is equally […]

Can I Claim Compensation for a Neck Injury Caused by a Crash?

Many car accident victims suffer some type of neck injury. While some of these injuries may not be that bad and heal in a few days or a week, some can be quite severe and affect people for weeks or months to come. Below, we discuss the challenges of linking neck injuries to car crashes […]

Can I Recover Compensation for the Diminished Value of My Vehicle?

If your vehicle was damaged in an accident and sent off for repairs, its resale value is likely to be less than what it was before the crash. This is true even if the repair shop was able to fully restore the vehicle. You can seek compensation for the reduction in your repaired vehicle’s resale […]

Filing a Claim for a Head-On Collision in California

Head-on collisions are often some of the most fatal types of accidents that can occur. Victims of head-on collisions who do survive may be left with serious or life-altering injuries. Victims and their loved ones are often left with significant medical bills and many other damages. You have a legal right to pursue compensation for […]

What You Say After a Crash May Affect Your Claim

What you say and who you say it to after a crash are important, as your words may have an impact on the outcome of your claim. The insurance company will look for any way to discredit you to avoid paying for your damages. It would be in your best interest to speak to one […]

How Does Being Pregnant Affect a Car Accident Claim?

A car accident during pregnancy can lead to devastating outcomes. If the accident was caused by someone else’s negligent actions, an expectant mother has the legal right to pursue compensation for her and her unborn child’s damages. If you were injured while pregnant due to someone else’s negligence, let our knowledgeable auto accident lawyers in […]

What Steps Can Attorneys Take to Preserve Witness Testimony?

Witness testimony can be one of the most important aspects of a personal injury case. That is why it is vital for victims and their attorneys to take steps to help preserve witness testimony, as it could get lost as time passes. There are certain steps attorneys can take to preserve witness statements, and we […]

Who May Be Liable for an Accident Caused by a Poorly Maintained Vehicle?

Being a responsible driver is about more than your actions while you are behind the wheel. You also have a responsibility to maintain your vehicle and make sure it is safe to drive. For example, you shouldn’t be on the road with malfunctioning brakes or broken taillights. If a vehicle maintenance issue contributes to a […]

Recovering Compensation for PTSD After a Motor Vehicle Crash in California

Post-Traumatic Stress Disorder (PTSD) is a serious psychological condition that many injury victims deal with after a major accident. For example, car crash victims might experience PTSD if they suffered life-threatening injuries and/or went through a crash that scared them. If you are suffering from PTSD following a car crash, you may be wondering whether […]

Is the Driver Who Rear-Ends Another Automatically Liable for Damages?

Most people assume that determining liability for a rear-end collision is a simple process. In most cases, this would be an accurate assumption. However, there are some situations when it is not. Proving that any driver who was involved in a rear-end collision may be liable for damages may also be complex. Our knowledgeable car […]

How a Permanent Injury May Affect the Value of My Accident Claim

Accident claims involving long-term injuries can be complex for many reasons. These injuries can dramatically increase the value of a claim and invoke a stronger response from the liable insurance company. In other words, the insurance company may fight hard to avoid paying fair compensation. If you were left permanently injured or disabled due to […]

Types of Evidence That May Be Used to Prove Pain and Suffering

Proving something as subjective as pain and suffering may be complicated. You will need strong evidence in the form of medical opinions, testimony from family and loved ones and probably more. Our Sacramento auto collision lawyers are here to discuss the damages you suffered in the crash, including pain and suffering. We have many years […]