Liability for Sacramento Collisions Involving Blind Spots

Drivers who fail to check for traffic before attempting a lane change or merging could cause a dangerous blind-spot crash. Despite advances in vehicle safety features, these warning systems are not perfect. Drivers are still responsible for checking their blind spots to avoid collisions. Were you injured in a blind-spot accident? If so, we recommend […]

Do More Car Crashes Happen Close to Home in California?

Drivers often relax significantly once they are within a few miles of where they live. Despite being close to home and in a familiar area, a car crash can still happen. In this article, our attorneys at Arnold Law Firm discuss Sacramento car crashes that happen close to home, including some of the common causes […]

Causes of Sacramento Rollover Crashes and How To Avoid Them

Rollover crashes are among the deadliest types of accidents and often completely preventable. Even when a rollover involves only one vehicle, the damage is often catastrophic. This is especially true if the driver and/or other occupants were not wearing seat belts. Our attorneys at Arnold Law Firm explain more about rollover car crashes in this […]

When Could it Be Too Late to Call a Sacramento Car Crash Attorney?

After being involved in a car crash, people are often in shock for a couple of hours to a couple of days afterward. Victims who suffer injuries in these incidents may be hospitalized or at home, in pain and trying to recover. Early on, people may not have processed what has happened, and they may […]

Can I Add Damages for Soft-Tissue Injuries to a Car Crash Claim?

Car crashes, even relatively minor ones, can leave you with painful injuries that impact your ability to move, as well as your daily quality of life. Soft-tissue injuries are especially tricky because even if you do not see any visible damage, they can still be quite severe. Proving this damage in an injury claim is […]

T-Bone Crashes in California – What Drivers Need to Know

T-bone crashes are very serious incidents that occur when the front of one vehicle strikes the side of another vehicle. Often this is the result of a driver failing to yield the right of way to another. The damages resulting from these crashes are often severe. At Arnold Law Firm, we discuss what drivers need […]

Is Hearing Loss After a Car Crash a Symptom of a Serious Injury?

If you have been in a car crash and are experiencing hearing issues, it is imporant to understand that this could be a sign of a serious injury. In this article, Arnold Law Firm explores how a car crash can cause hearing loss and what actions you should take, including whether you may be eligible […]

Who Can File a Claim for Dental Injuries From a Sacramento Crash?

The force of a car crash can cause drivers and passengers to hit their mouths against something in the car or clench their jaws hard enough to crack their teeth or cause other severe damage. If you suffered dental injuries from a crash in Sacramento, you may be eligible to recover compensation for these damages […]

How Documenting in a Post-Crash Journal May Help Your Injury Claim

No one expects to be in a car crash, and if it happens to you, the experience can be overwhelming. All of a sudden, in addition to getting treated for injuries, you have to notify your insurer and deal with a lot of other headaches, like unexpected medical bills. Documenting these costs and other crucial […]

Why Chest Pain After a Crash in Sacramento Should Not Be Ignored

Chest pain after a car crash could be the result of muscle strain caused by the force of impact when your car hits another vehicle or something else. However, it could also be a severe, even life-threatening injury. Regardless of what you think it may be, chest pain is not something you should take lightly […]

What if My Car Gets Hit by Cargo That Fell From a Passing Vehicle?

While many Sacramento car crashes are caused by the reckless maneuvers of other drivers, some are caused by loose cargo. When drivers fail to properly secure their furniture, appliances, tools and other objects onto their vehicles, it could create unexpected and dangerous obstacles on the roadway. Arnold Law Firm’s experienced Sacramento car accident lawyers discuss […]

What Evidence Could Prove a California Distracted Driving Crash?

Distracted driving is an ongoing problem on California’s roadways. People who text and drive or engage in other types of distracted driving are creating an unnecessary and dangerous hazard for themselves and others on the road. If this type of driver negligence causes a crash in the Sacramento area, do you know what evidence could […]