Facial Injuries After a Sacramento Car Crash – What You Need to Know

Facial injuries can easily occur during a car crash, even after minor fender benders. The unexpected impact causes a back-and-forth motion that could cause the driver or passengers to hit something in the vehicle. Flying debris during a crash could also hit someone’s face during a collision. If you suffer a facial injury in a […]

Does Speeding Increase the Risk and Severity of a Sacramento Car Crash?

Many drivers speed without a second thought. They are either ignoring the risks or they do not know how dangerous it is to speed. Below, Arnold Law Firm’s experienced attorneys address the risks of speeding, including how it increases the risk of a crash and the risk of suffering severe injuries in a crash. We […]

Highway Hypnosis – Why It Is a Crash Risk and How To Avoid It

Have you ever been driving down the road and suddenly realized you could not remember the last few miles? If so, you have likely experienced highway hypnosis, a phenomenon that could quickly lead to a dangerous crash. Below, Arnold Law Firm explains more about highway hypnosis, including what it is and why it is a […]

Hip Pain After a Sacramento Crash – What You Need To Know

Getting knocked about in a car crash is almost certain to cause a lot of aches and pains. But if you have hip pain after a crash, you could have a severe injury. At Arnold Law Firm in Sacramento we encourage you to seek medical care right after the crash. Taking this step can help […]

What Is the Reasonable Person Standard in a Sacramento Injury Case?

The reasonable person standard is a key legal concept used in personal injury claims. This concept is very useful to injured victims and their attorneys, who have the burden of proving the other party’s negligence. In complex personal injury cases, the reasonable person standard provides insight that helps juries and judges determine whether a defendant […]

What Are the Risks of Crush Injuries After a Sacramento Crash?

Crush injuries from a collision are particularly dangerous as they can lead to secondary complications that are sometimes fatal. Depending on the body part that was crushed in the impact, victims could lose limbs or worse. Immediate medical treatment is vital and offers victims a better chance for recovery. Below, the attorneys at Arnold Law […]

Wrong-Way Crashes in Sacramento and How To Avoid Them

There is nothing scarier as a driver than finding out you are going the wrong way on a highway. This can send many people into a panic. Wrong-way crashes, the result of various driver errors, often cause serious or even fatal damages. Below, Arnold Law Firm discusses wrong-way crashes, including the common causes and how […]

Can I Settle My Car Crash Claim in Sacramento Without a Lawyer?

Traffic accidents are traumatic for all involved. Crash victims dealing with injuries and costly losses, such as medical bills, may decide to settle a claim without a lawyer. At first glance, this decision looks like it could be an easier and cheaper way to resolve a claim. Below, our experienced car crash attorneys in Sacramento […]

Can I Sue For Amputations After a California Car Crash?

Victims who lose one or more limbs after a car crash are forced to face the physical and emotional challenges of dealing with a life-altering injury. The loss of a limb often means a long recovery and extensive medical care, as well as physical therapy. Can crash victims who suffer amputations sue for compensation to […]

Liability for Sacramento Collisions Involving Blind Spots

Drivers who fail to check for traffic before attempting a lane change or merging could cause a dangerous blind-spot crash. Despite advances in vehicle safety features, these warning systems are not perfect. Drivers are still responsible for checking their blind spots to avoid collisions. Were you injured in a blind-spot accident? If so, we recommend […]

Do More Car Crashes Happen Close to Home in California?

Drivers often relax significantly once they are within a few miles of where they live. Despite being close to home and in a familiar area, a car crash can still happen. In this article, our attorneys at Arnold Law Firm discuss Sacramento car crashes that happen close to home, including some of the common causes […]

Causes of Sacramento Rollover Crashes and How To Avoid Them

Rollover crashes are among the deadliest types of accidents and often completely preventable. Even when a rollover involves only one vehicle, the damage is often catastrophic. This is especially true if the driver and/or other occupants were not wearing seat belts. Our attorneys at Arnold Law Firm explain more about rollover car crashes in this […]