Paradise Camp Fire Victims Searching for Information, Answers

camp fireThe Arnold Law Firm has spent the past few days stunned by reports of the immense devastation that record-breaking Paradise Camp Fire has wreaked upon our neighboring Butte County. We have many clients, colleagues, friends, and loved ones whose lives have been upended, and we extend our sincere condolences to everyone who has experienced loss as a result of this horrific tragedy.

As the initial shock subsides, dealing with the overwhelming aftermath, including injuries, loss of life, and property damage, becomes a harsh reality. Countless questions arise, often without clear answers, such as:

  • I heard the fire may be due in part to negligence by utility companies like PG&E.  Do I have a right to recover for my home or business destroyed in the fire?  Will they pay my deductible for my insurance?  How can I recover for things that home or renters’ insurance does not pay for?
  • We were hurt in a car collision during the evacuation, but everyone had to keep driving to safety. What should we do now?
  • I suffered burns and smoke inhalation while escaping the fire. Should I be reporting that to anyone?
  • My mother lost everything in the fire and is now staying with me. How do I help her obtain information and determine steps for recovery?
  • Important documents and insurance contracts were destroyed in the fire. How do I proceed without them?
  • How do I reach a live person at my insurance company about all of this?
  • We worked hard to pay off our retirement home, and now it’s all gone. Will our insurance cover to rebuild it? What do we do if it doesn’t?

We urge you to contact a qualified, experienced professional with your questions if you are a victim of the Camp Fire or are assisting a loved one with injuries or loss from the fire. 

You can call us with your questions at (916) 777-7777 for free with no cost, pressure, or obligation. Should you elect the Arnold Law Firm to represent you, we will handle your case on a contingency basis with no upfront fees.

Please check our blog for ongoing information. As we continue to assist Camp Fire victims, we will post frequently asked questions and corresponding answers.