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Is Lane-Splitting Safe in California?

In California, most motorcycle riders, nearly 40%, use their bikes only on the weekends for recreation. Nearly 38 percent use their bikes for both a daily commute and weekend recreational activities. Lane-splitting or lane-sharing, which occurs when motorcyclists drive in between lanes in order to bypass traffic, is a frequent, though somewhat dangerous, occurrence. In […]

The Future of Wearable Technology in the Courtrooms

New technologies always require different sectors of society to evolve in new ways. This is particularly true in the legal field where new technologies such as smartwatches and Fitbit bands may be at the center of criminal and civil litigation in the near future. In what is surely the first lawsuit of its kind, an […]

Jury Awards $175 Million in Whistleblower Lawsuit

In a landmark case with a record setting award, jurors in Texas found Trinity Industries, Inc., one of the country’s largest guardrail manufacturers, liable for committing fraud in Texas. In 2012, Josh Harman filed a lawsuit under the False Claims Act against Dallas-based Trinity Industries Inc. In the whistleblower lawsuit, Harman argued that the company’s […]

Safetyville USA

Arnold Law Firm is a proud sponsor of Safetyville USA in Sacramento, California. Providing an opportunity for small businesses and corporations to get involved in the community, Safetyville USA is a phenomenal program geared towards promoting the safety of children in the area. Arnold Law Firm sponsors this program in the hopes to raise awareness […]

Corrupt Attorney Is Sentenced to Prison After Insurance Fraud Conspiracy

Corrupt Attorneys and Medical Professionals Joseph P. Haddad, an attorney, was sentenced to jail for 51 months by U.S. District Judge Stefan R. Underhill in July 2014. Haddad, along with two chiropractors and an unlicensed doctor, was found guilty of defrauding insurance companies of more than $1.7 million. Haddad and his co-conspirators were fabricating medical […]

Arnold Law Firm Congratulates Christopher G. Rudy!

Santa Clara County Superior Court Judge Christopher Rudy, a renowned litigator, colleague and good friend,  received one of the highest compliments when he was recently appointed to the Santa Clara County Superior Court Bench. Rudy is originally from Boulder Creek and he earned his Juris Doctor degree from the Santa Clara University School of Law. […]

NHTSA Launches Recall Database

The recalls just keep coming and many car owners and families are buried under a deluge of recall notices and safety alerts. Now there is an easy and accurate way to identify recalled vehicles.  On August 19, 2014, the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration (NHTSA) launched a program aimed at helping car owners and buyers […]

New Drug May Help Victims Of Traumatic Brain Injuries

The University of Cincinnati is spearheading a national clinical trial to identify whether a medicine called Tranexamic Acid (TXA) can improve the conditions of individuals with severe and life-threatening Traumatic Brain Injuries (TB). Researchers are hopeful that the new drug, which is currently used to stabilize bleeding in victims with conditions ranging from aneurysms and […]

Sacramento County DUI Resources

Arnold Law Firm, Sacramento County DUI Lawyers, share the following DUI resources and statistics so that personal injury clients understand that there are two legal systems which remedy personal injury claims arising out of DUI accidents. While our firm will help you address the civil, financial, medical and insurance related consequences of your DUI accident, […]

Sacramento Sports Injury Attorney

Organized sports are one of the most popular national pastimes for children and adolescents, with about 30 million participating annually. Some sports are more dangerous than others, of course, with contact sports topping the list of those with the highest risk for injury. Sports injuries can range from minor to severe or deadly and almost […]

Safetyville USA Thank You Letters

Arnold Law Firm is proud to be a sponsor of Safetyville USA, a program to promote children’s safety in Sacramento. Thank you letters from children who attended Safetyville USA:

GranuFlo and NaturaLyte

The FDA has recalled popularly used dialysis products GranuFlo and NaturaLyte due to an increased risk of heart issues, specifically cardiopulmonary arrest and sudden cardiac death. The manufacturer of both these products, Fresenius Medical Care (FMC) is liable for a failure to warn doctors and patients of the risks associated with the pharmaceuticals until recently, despite documented evidence that the […]