Infinity Insurance Data Breach Shrouded in Suspicion

digital locksOn March 16, 2021, Infinity Insurance Company (Infinity) notified an unknown number of individuals of a data security incident that occurred on December 26, 2020. The company claimed that an unauthorized party accessed files on “certain company servers in their network” over two days in late December. The notice also included an offer for one year of credit monitoring services.

Infinity has provided affected individuals with an information line: 877-316-0057. However, many people have taken to social media with complaints about the number failing to work reliably and frustrations about being unable to get useful information.

Unfortunately, Infinity’s formal notice failed to provide further details about the data breach, leaving many people confused, with growing suspicions of potential fraud. Furthermore, many individuals who received a notice have never been a customer or employee of Infinity, leading them to question the validity of the situation.

These dynamics have led to rampant online concerns of whether the Infinity data breach notices could be a phishing scam designed to expose personal details when calling about the data breach and credit monitoring service offer.

Infinity is a subsidiary of Kemper Insurance (Kemper). At this time, there is reason to believe that all Kemper entities may have been involved in the data breach, including Alliance United.

It appears that a broad range of individuals may have been affected by the cybersecurity incident, possibly including:

  • Past or current customers of Infinity, Alliance United, or Kemper
  • Past or current employees of Infinity, Alliance United, or Kemper
  • Customers who requested an insurance quote through a broker affiliated with Infinity, Alliance United, or Kemper
  • Customers who used an online insurance comparison system linked to Infinity, Alliance United, or Kemper
  • Individuals involved in an insurance claim involving Infinity, Alliance United, or Kemper
  • Individuals who purchased a car where the dealer may have purchased gap coverage from Infinity, Alliance United, or Kemper

According to individuals who claim to have received a data breach notice from Infinity, possible compromised personal information may include:

  • Names
  • Addresses
  • Medical leave information
  • Social Security numbers/EIN numbers
  • Workers compensation claim information

Infinity is a provider of auto insurance specializing in specialty or difficult-to-insure drivers. They have 2,300 employees and more than 10,000 independent agents. Writing about 1.5 billion premiums annually, the company is one of the largest nonstandard auto insurers in the nation.

In 2018, Kemper acquired Infinity for $1.4 billion. Kemper offers insurance for home, auto, life, health, and valuables. They employ 5,500 employees and have 20,000 independent agents and brokers throughout all 50 states.

NOTICE: A legal complaint has been filed against Infinity/Kemper regarding this data breach. If you received a NOTICE OF DATA BREACH, you may be a class member.

Class members are automatically in the class unless you opt out and no further action will be required by you. Class members have a passive role throughout class action litigation. If the lawsuit is successful, all class members receive equal compensation which is awarded to all class members, regardless of the degree of harm they suffered.