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Facial Injuries After a Sacramento Car Crash – What You Need to Know

Facial injuries can easily occur during a car crash, even after minor fender benders. The unexpected impact causes a back-and-forth motion that could cause the driver or passengers to hit something in the vehicle. Flying debris during a crash could also hit someone’s face during a collision. If you suffer a facial injury in a […]

Does Speeding Increase the Risk and Severity of a Sacramento Car Crash?

Many drivers speed without a second thought. They are either ignoring the risks or they do not know how dangerous it is to speed. Below, Arnold Law Firm’s experienced attorneys address the risks of speeding, including how it increases the risk of a crash and the risk of suffering severe injuries in a crash. We […]

Is Motorcycle Bias in California Crash Claims a Real Thing?

Motorcycle bias is a real thing, but many motorists are unaware of it or the impact it has on bikers. What may surprise you is that most crashes involving motorcycles and other vehicles are not caused by bikers. In today’s article, Arnold Law Firm discusses motorcycle bias and how it can prevent riders from being […]

What Is Maximum Medical Improvement in a Sacramento Injury Claim?

Maximum medical improvement (MMI) is an important milestone for anyone who has been involved in a car accident, slip and fall or other type of injury accident. Below, Arnold Law Firm discuss the significance of MMI for injury victims, as this is the point when your lawyer can begin negotiating for compensation. MMI is also […]

Consulting Radiologists, Ltd.

NOTICE: If you received a NOTICE OF DATA BREACH letter from Consulting Radiologists, Ltd., contact the Arnold Law Firm at (916) 777-7777 to discuss your legal options, or submit a confidential Case Evaluation form here. On June 14, 2024, Consulting Radiologists, Ltd. (“CRL”) reported a cybersecurity incident (“Data Breach”) to both Offices of the Attorney […]

Panera, LLC Data Breach

NOTICE: If you received a NOTICE OF DATA BREACH letter from Panera, LLC, contact the Arnold Law Firm at (916) 777-7777 to discuss your legal options, or submit a confidential Case Evaluation form here. On June 13, 2024, Panera, LLC (“Panera Bread”) reported a cybersecurity incident (“Data Breach”) to the Office of the Attorney General […]

Highway Hypnosis – Why It Is a Crash Risk and How To Avoid It

Have you ever been driving down the road and suddenly realized you could not remember the last few miles? If so, you have likely experienced highway hypnosis, a phenomenon that could quickly lead to a dangerous crash. Below, Arnold Law Firm explains more about highway hypnosis, including what it is and why it is a […]

Hip Pain After a Sacramento Crash – What You Need To Know

Getting knocked about in a car crash is almost certain to cause a lot of aches and pains. But if you have hip pain after a crash, you could have a severe injury. At Arnold Law Firm in Sacramento we encourage you to seek medical care right after the crash. Taking this step can help […]

What Is the Reasonable Person Standard in a Sacramento Injury Case?

The reasonable person standard is a key legal concept used in personal injury claims. This concept is very useful to injured victims and their attorneys, who have the burden of proving the other party’s negligence. In complex personal injury cases, the reasonable person standard provides insight that helps juries and judges determine whether a defendant […]

What Are the Risks of Crush Injuries After a Sacramento Crash?

Crush injuries from a collision are particularly dangerous as they can lead to secondary complications that are sometimes fatal. Depending on the body part that was crushed in the impact, victims could lose limbs or worse. Immediate medical treatment is vital and offers victims a better chance for recovery. Below, the attorneys at Arnold Law […]