Arnold Law Firm Investigating Salmonella Outbreak Linked to Kellog's Honey Smacks Cereal

danger salmonella signOn July 12, 2018, the U.S. Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) announced an outbreak of Salmonella linked to Kellogg’s Honey Smacks cereal. 

Salmonella is a dangerous bacteria that can cause illness, hospitalization, and even death. Federal and State regulations have a zero-tolerance policy for Salmonella in ready-to-eat food, such as breakfast cereal. 

The Kellogg’s Honey Smacks Salmonella outbreak is especially concerning because it involves food marketed to children. Children are especially at risk of complications for foodborne illness.

According to the U.S. CDC, at least 100 people in 33 states have been confirmed to have suffered Salmonella infections in this outbreak. Typically, more people actually get sick than are formally reported in outbreak reports. The formal reports only include people who had extra levels of scientific testing that linked their illness to the cereal.

Confirmed illnesses began in March of 2018, and are still being reported as of the time of the posting of this article. For safety, the CDC recommends that all households destroy or return any Honey Smacks cereal. 

However, if you or someone in your household has become ill, we request that you carefully store your cereal in a sealed container or ziplock bag at room temperature, and call or email us as soon as possible. The Arnold Law Firm is investigating this outbreak as a potential class action case. 

It is unlawful to sell ready-to-eat food that is contaminated with bacteria like Salmonella. Unfortunately, companies regularly get away with selling such tainted food because proving a class action case can be very difficult.  The best way to hold manufacturers, distributors, and retailers responsible so that they exercise good judgment in the manufacture, storage, and sale of food is to hold them accountable for outbreaks like this. 

Therefore, the Arnold Law Firm is testing Honey Smacks cereal for Salmonella in households where it appears the cereal has caused illness.  There is no charge for our testing service. 

If you or your household members have suffered symptoms of Salmonella since March of 2018 and have been eating Honey Smacks cereal, please preserve your box, any receipts, and contact us. One of our attorneys will speak with you and let you know if your circumstances qualify for our free safety testing.

Information about the Kellogg’s Honey Smacks Salmonella outbreak can be found at the CDC.