Can an Accident Reconstruction Expert Help Validate My Claim?

accident reconstruction expertDetermining liability in a car accident may not be straightforward. An objective third party can help conclude who was ultimately responsible for the accident and who should pay for the cost of injuries. An example is hiring an accident reconstruction expert to factually establish liability for a car crash.

Below, our Sacramento car accident lawyers discuss accident reconstruction and how these experts may be able to help validate a car crash claim. If you believe your claim would benefit from an expert, or you have other questions after a car accident, call the Arnold Law Firm to schedule a no-cost, no-obligation consultation.

What is an Accident Reconstruction Expert?

An accident reconstruction expert is an experienced professional with extensive knowledge of physics, engineering and skills in reconstructing the scene of an accident. The reconstructions bring together factors that led up to a collision, including weather conditions, visibility and vehicle speed.

Accident reconstruction can be particularly important in a claim when liability is contested or multiple parties may be at fault.

How Can An Accident Reconstruction Help My Car Accident Claim?

Accident reconstruction experts assess the factors that may have caused or contributed to the crash, such as speed, low visibility or even vehicle malfunctions.

Accident reconstruction helps jurors visualize the scene of an accident and what happened.

The expert’s testimony may also provide clarity with conflicting eyewitness testimonies. For instance, two people who witness an accident from different angles will have had different lines of sight, greatly affecting what they each saw. An accident reconstruction expert can address inconsistencies between the differing testimonies.

The Arnold Law Firm maintains a network of qualified experts if accident reconstruction is necessary to validate your claim and determine liability.

Do I Need an Accident Reconstruction Expert for My Claim?

Each personal injury case is unique. Some collisions are straightforward with clear liability, with no need for expert testimony. Other accidents are complex, such as multiple at-fault parties or compromised road conditions, and reconstruction may help support the victim’s claim. Your attorney will help determine whether hiring an accident reconstruction expert would benefit your case.

Who Pays for an Accident Reconstruction Analyst?

If your attorney recommends hiring expert witness testimony, you may be concerned about the cost and who pays the expert’s fees.

The Arnold Law Firm takes personal injury cases on a contingency basis, which means that we pay upfront costs while we build your claim. Fees related to your case are deducted later from your recovery amount.

Our attorneys understand that your injury case impacts your life, regardless of the potential value of your claim. We take measures to balance case expenses with a strategy to maximize your settlement.

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