Why You Should Not Accept an Insurance Settlement Before Talking to a Lawyer

looking at signature line on documentsYou can expect to be contacted by an insurance company after suffering an injury in a car accident. They may even offer a settlement, telling you they want to resolve things as quickly as possible. However, accepting that settlement offer could be a bad idea.

If you have been injured in an accident, we recommend discussing any settlement offers with one of our licensed attorneys. Our Sacramento car accident lawyers offer a free legal consultation to discuss your accident and answer your legal questions.

Insurance Companies Want You to Quickly Accept

Insurance companies, even your own, want you to accept their first offer of compensation as quickly as possible.

Why? The first offer typically will not cover all of your damages. Insurance companies often make a low-ball initial offer, hoping you are feeling desperate and need money right away. They know you have bills that have begun to pile up, because you have not been able to work. They hope that the thought of getting money quickly will encourage you to sign the unfair offer.

Insurance companies want to do everything possible to pay the lowest amount of compensation. They are in the business of making money, not handing out money.

You are under no obligation to accept the offer and can discuss it with an attorney – which is exactly what the insurance company does not want. An experienced attorney can review your claim and determine the potential value of your damages and negotiate with the insurance company for fair compensation.

Handling negotiations on your own might not be to your advantage. An experienced attorney with a history of obtaining favorable compensation can assess your situation and negotiate an appropriate counteroffer.

The Settlement May Not Cover All Damages

What many accident victims do not realize is the full value of their damages may take some time to figure out. If you suffered traumatic injuries in the accident, you may need months or years of treatment and rehabilitation.

Early on, there is no telling how much this type of medical care will cost. You first need to go through treatment and reach a certain level of healing. Then doctors can assess how much treatment you may need in the future. This allows your attorney to get a much better idea about the value of your claim.

You May Lose the Right to File a Lawsuit

Did you know that when you accept a settlement offer from the insurance company, you may be required to sign paperwork waiving your right to file a lawsuit against the insurance company? Your signature may also waive your right to file a lawsuit against the at-fault parties involved in the accident that left you injured.

Ready to Negotiate with the Insurance Company? Call an Attorney Today

If you have been injured in a car accident and are not comfortable dealing with the insurance companies involved, you can speak to an experienced attorney about your situation.

You should not have to worry about dealing with the insurance company after suffering an injury. Your focus should be on healing. If you have a valid claim, we are prepared to deal with insurers on your behalf to pursue fair compensation.

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