“Vision Zero” Safety Project Zeros in on Dangerous Sacramento Roads

car-pedestrian-accident-preventionFor a new community-based program, pedestrian and bicycle advocates are working with officials to zero in on improving the safety of dangerous roads in Sacramento.

The project, aptly named “Vision Zero,” is an international movement that began in Sweden and made its way to several U.S. cities. It is based on the concept that the term “accident” is often inaccurately used, because it describes collisions that could have been prevented.

A key belief is that fatal crashes can be eliminated if organizations, advocacy groups, governments and residents all work together to make the streets safer for motorists, pedestrians and bicyclists. While this zero-death philosophy may seem lofty, it sets a higher standard for safety, as well as a goal for much-needed improvements. It also establishes a long-term vision.

According to Sacramento officials, 130 people were killed in collisions on city roads from 2010 to 2014. These crashes included 13 cyclists and 48 car-and-pedestrian accidents. An additional 450 collisions resulted in serious injury.

The Vision Zero task force will be comprised of Sacramento fire and police representatives, along with members of the community. Together, they will assess the most dangerous roads in Sacramento and use a multifaceted approach to reducing injuries and fatalities. Redesigning roads, educating the public and enforcing traffic laws are all included in this approach.

To date, no special funding has been allocated for Vision Zero improvements. However, future analysis of the program may pave the way for safety grants and a reevaluation of fund distribution for law enforcement, traffic and street needs.

The Vision Zero belief is not new to pedestrian and cyclist advocacy groups, who have been using this concept to affect positive change in Sacramento for many years. Still, group members hope Vision Zero will help address the most hazardous intersections and roads, such as Stockton Boulevard, Del Paso Road, 65th Street, Fruitridge Road and 47th Avenue.

Vision Zero will also focus on low-income suburbs, whose residents are most at risk when walking or cycling. Solutions will be proposed to the known safety concerns in typically poorer areas.

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