Del Paso Heights Residents Pursue Safer Vehicle Speeds

speeding-car-speedometerVehicles speeding through the residential streets of Del Paso Heights have prompted action from concerned residents who want the city to install speed bumps to help combat the problem.

Reckless driving, including excessive rates of speed, can endanger the lives of both motorists and pedestrians. Vehicles speeding through Del Paso Heights have become so common that residents fear it is only a matter of time before one of the neighborhood children is struck by a car. For this reason, many residents do not allow their children to play in their own front yards.

However, thanks to her determination, resident Sharon Grandberry was able to motivate the speed bump approval process for her street. Grandberry first approached Sacramento city officials last spring, but soon discovered they had stopped investigating her claims after only one day. She did not hear back from them until after she contacted a local news station.

Shortly after the news station became involved, city officials send both Grandberry and the station information on how to formally submit a request for speed bump installation.

In accordance with Sacramento’s Speed Bump Program, a petition must first be signed by ten or more residents. Then, for a set amount of time, a traffic investigator will monitor the speeds of all vehicles driving up and down the street. In doing so, the investigator will be able to accurately determine if the street qualifies for speed bump installation. If the street qualifies, neighborhood residents will receive a ballot on which to vote for or against the installation of speed bumps on their street.

Additional criteria for Sacramento’s Speed Bump Program includes:

  • The existing speed limit has to be 30 miles per hour or less
  • The street must be two-lane and residential, or near a school or park
  • No traffic lights can exist on the street
  • Additional approval must be obtained from the fire department and Sacramento Regional Transit
  • The street must be at least 750 feet in length and have no four way intersections

Currently, Sacramento’s Speed Bump Program operates on a budget that permits the installation of 10 to 16 speed bumps per year. Residents living in neighborhoods where speeding is an issue have petitioned the city to increase the program’s budget to allow for more speed bump installation on high-risk streets throughout the city.

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