Motorcyclists: Seams in the Road Are More Dangerous than Potholes

motorcycle-on-roadThe next time you hit the road on your motorcycle, watch for seams or bumps in the middle of your lane. These cracks in the road can be more dangerous than potholes, and, unfortunately, authorities are less likely to fix these road hazards.

While hitting a pothole can jolt your front suspension and possibly damage one of your rims, your front suspension should absorb much of the impact. Most of the time, you can get over a pothole pretty quickly with little or no damage to your bike.

Meanwhile, seams in the road can have a dangerous effect on your suspension and steering. You could veer off the road or into oncoming traffic.

Adding to the danger is the fact that seams in the road are more difficult to see than potholes. Unlike potholes, seams might not have broken asphalt and there will not be a shadow unless the sun is low.

You can also be alerted to a pothole by watching the vehicles in front of you to see if they are bumping around. However, cars will straddle seams in the road, offering you no warning.

Tips to Handle Seams in the Road

Follow these five tips to avoid bumps in the road and prevent accidents:

  • Avoid the middle of a lane if you are traveling on a country road or an under-engineered road. These roads are more likely to have bumps in them.
  • Leave a safe distance between your bike and the vehicle in front of you so you will have a better chance of noticing upcoming bumps.
  • Slow down as much as possible before hitting a bump, but release the brakes before you hit the bump so your suspension will absorb the hit.
  • Shift your upper body forward to keep the front wheel from lifting off the ground too high, thereby helping absorb the impact.
  • After passing the bump, stop and take a picture if safe to do so. Send the photo with details of the location to local authorities requesting that they fix it.

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