Comstock’s Magazine Features Cheyanne Anquoe For Women in Leadership

Comstock’s Magazine is celebrating women in leadership for the 10th year in a row. Today, we are excited to announce that Cheyanne Anquoe, Chief Operating Officer at Arnold Law Firm, has been chosen for inclusion in Comstock’s Magazine’s 2024 Women in Leadership issue.

Cheyanne’s Journey to Leadership

Cheyanne’s career journey began at just 17 years of age when a friend told her about an entry-level position that was available at a local criminal law firm. Cheyanne applied for that position and got the job. During the next 25 years, she held many different positions in the legal industry, including working as a paralegal, legal secretary, director of operations and senior paralegal.

When speaking to Comstock’s, Cheyanne said, “…I’d always been fascinated with the law. I thought if you were knowledgeable in the law, that empowered you, it could help you throughout your life.” It seems Cheyanne was right. When she joined Arnold Law Firm in 2022, she already had achieved an impressive amount of demonstrated leadership experience in the legal industry.

It is important to note, however, that Cheyanne is more than just a legal leader. As a Native American, Cheyanne is also passionate about promoting diversity, equity and inclusion in the workplace. Drawing from the unique insight of her indigenous roots, she is deeply committed to supporting and contributing to positive change. As a leader, she enjoys taking opportunities to mentor and coach others along the way.

How Comstock’s Magazine Chooses Women in Leadership

Comstock’s Magazine provides business insight and original journalism in California’s Capital Region. Near the end of each year, Comstock’s invites nominations for its annual Women in Leadership issue from individuals, employers and co-workers hailing from Sacramento and other California counties in the region. Nominees must be top-tier executives who are making a visible difference in their workplaces, in their industries and in their communities. Those selected to the list are published in the March issue of Comstock’s Magazine.

Congratulations Cheyanne!

Arnold Law Firm is pleased to congratulate Cheyanne Anquoe on this latest achievement in her leadership journey. We could not be prouder, and we are fortunate to have the benefit of her experience, knowledge and skills at our firm.