Joshua Watson Advocates for Justice in Sexual Assault Lawsuit

close-up image of a gavel in a courtroomThe San Joaquin County Sheriff’s Department is currently the subject of a lawsuit following allegations of sexual assault and misconduct by a former supervising sergeant, Michael Reynolds. The complaint, lodged in a Sacramento federal courthouse, was brought forward by a crime analyst who worked under Reynolds’ supervision. She is identified only as “Jane Doe.”

While there has been no evidence presented as yet, the lawsuit spans incidents that allegedly occurred between August 2021 and April 2023. It is during this period that Doe claims Reynolds engaged in inappropriate behavior. This behavior allegedly included sending unsolicited sexual photos and videos, groping incidents, and assaulting her multiple times. Reynolds, who left the department in February 2023, maintains that their relationship was consensual.

In addition to the allegations against Reynolds, the lawsuit criticizes the sheriff’s department for its failure to intervene or implement effective policies against such misconduct, despite past incidents involving other officers.

Following the trauma of her experience, Doe says she underwent a mental health crisis in April 2023, and ended up taking medical leave. The department became aware of the alleged abuses during this period.

In a related news article, Arnold Law Firm attorney Joshua Watson, who represents Doe, emphasizes the need for substantial changes to be made within the department regarding the handling of sexual misconduct allegations. This case is part of a broader context of gender violence within the department, as indicated by previous charges against other officers in recent years.

No court dates have been set as yet, and the allegations remain unproven in a legal context.