Promoting Women in Leadership at Arnold Law Firm and Comstock’s Women in Leadership Issue

Comstock’s Magazine is celebrating women in leadership for the 10th year in a row. This edition features  top-tier women executives honored in this issue are making a difference in their companies, industries and communities.

This issue features other women as well who are taking the initiative to use their passion and skills to effect change in the workplace. To that end, we are excited to shine a spotlight in this issue on Keoni Johnson and Shané Cartwright, two women in management roles at our firm who are making a difference every day.

Keoni was originally hired at Arnold Law Firm as an office receptionist, and Shané’s initial role here was in accounting. Under leadership at Arnold Law Firm, both of these women rapidly moved up into management roles.

Keoni Johnson

After starting her role as a receptionist at our firm, Keoni saw opportunities for improvements in her role and took the initiative to address those needs and make progress in those areas. Her efforts did not go unnoticed, and in under a year, Keoni was promoted to administrative services manager, a position where she feels, thanks to principal management  at  Arnold Law Firm, she is “…in the position to make real change.” One of her accomplishments is her Culture Committee initiative, which has helped to increase focus on diverse, equitable and inclusive (DEI) training.

Shané Cartright

Although she started in an accounting role at the firm, Shané has been promoted to HR manager of the firm’s newly formed HR department. In this role, Shané is making a significant difference to employees, who say they feel heard and valued, thanks to her open-door policy.

Comstock’s Magazine is a premier business magazine that is well-known in Sacramento and other surrounding counties in California. Check out the spotlight feature in this month’s issue to read more about how Keoni and Shané are influencing change right here at Arnold Law Firm.

Thank you for, Keoni and Shané for going above and beyond every day! (916) 777-7777