When is an Accident Really a Products Liability Case?

ATV on sunny daySuccessful business man John Doe took his family to a recreational sand dune area for some summer fun with their utility task vehicles (UTVs). With one son riding as a passenger and another following behind in a second UTV, John’s vehicle rolled forward and landed upside down at the bottom of one of the sand dunes.

He was trapped in the UTV and had to be extricated and flown by helicopter to a trauma center. John suffered major cervical spinal cord injuries, rendering him quadriplegic. Not only was he no longer able to care for himself and his family, his sons were struggling with having seen such a horrific event happen to their father.

Clearly, John and his family experienced devastating losses, but risk is associated with operating recreational vehicles. Was there really a negligent party responsible?

When he contacted the Arnold Law Firm, John’s case had not been accepted by other law firms. Our legal team took a closer look.

When John purchased recreational vehicles for his family, he paid special attention to include ample safety measures, such as 5-point harness seat belts, helmets and seemingly solid roll-over protection systems (ROPS). He also ensured that the UTVs were operated as designed and according to manufacturer guidelines.

When John’s UTV rolled, the factory-installed safety cage (ROPS) failed as a result of inferior product design. This structure, intended to provide safety for the occupants should the vehicle tip over, collapsed instead and became a trap for the driver, crushing his spine. John’s accident case now involves a major recreational vehicle manufacturer and may help improve future UTV safety for other consumers.

Sometimes an accident is far more complex than it initially seems, such as injuries caused by faulty product designs.

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