Several New Traffic Laws Take Effect in California Next Year

driving in trafficThe new year brings new driving laws in the state of California. These laws not only affect what you can do while on the road, but also the fees you pay to operate a motor vehicle. See the list below to find out what you need to know about these laws.

What to Know About New Driving Regulations

The legislature passed several new regulations that take effect in 2018, including the following:

  • Marijuana ban for drivers and passengers – Recreational marijuana becomes legal on the first day of 2018. However, another new law prohibits the use of marijuana by drivers or passengers in a motor vehicle. This law is intended to reduce drugged driving by recreational marijuana users.
  • Blood alcohol concentration for drivers-for-hire – Anyone who is a driver for hire, including those who drive for ridesharing services, cannot operate a vehicle with a blood alcohol concentration of 0.04 or higher.
  • Seat belts on buses – Anyone who rides in a commercial or charter bus will be required to wear a seat belt.
  • Parking at broken meters – This law will allow you to legally park at a broken parking meter for as long as you want if there is no posted time limit for parking in the spot.
  • Completion of motorcyclist training program – The Department of Motor Vehicles will be able to accept a certificate of satisfactory completion of any motorcyclist training program approved by California Highway Patrol. These certificates can be accepted in place of a certificate showing completion of a motorcycle skills test.
  • New fee with vehicle registration – California has a new gas tax law, and part of it imposes a transportation improvement fee on top of the fee you pay to register your vehicle. The fee is based on the value of your vehicle. For instance, if your car is worth $4,999 or less, your fee will be $25. If the value of your car is between $5,000 and $24,999, your fee will be $50. The fee gets higher as your vehicle’s value increases. This fee will be used to fund improvements to roads in the state.

Make sure to review these regulations before the new year to make sure you are in compliance with them. Violating any of these laws is not only illegal, but it could put your safety and the safety of other drivers in danger.

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