California Launches Campaign to Address Drugged Driving

cannabis leavesThe California Office of Traffic Safety (OTS) is targeting drug-impaired driving with a new campaign directed at informing the public of the dangers of driving under the influence of drugs.

The “DUI Doesn’t Just Mean Booze” campaign launched after California voters passed Proposition 64, which legalizes recreational use of marijuana, during the November election.

California State officials are worried that the new marijuana laws will increase the trend of people driving under the influence of drugs, which is much harder to detect than alcohol.

An increasing number of drivers have already tested positive for drug use in recent years. In 2012, more California drivers tested positive for drugs than alcohol, with marijuana being the most common substance among those driving impaired, according to the OTS.

The National Highway Traffic Safety Administration also reported that 38 percent of California drivers killed in car accidents tested positive for drugs in 2014.

The $1 million campaign includes television and digital advertising that focuses on the use of both illegal and prescription drugs to highlight their dangerous effects on drivers while operating a vehicle.

Unlike alcohol, which has a legal limit for blood alcohol content to identify impairment, there is currently no fixed limit for drug use that can help law enforcement officers determine if a driver is impaired. It is left up to the officer’s discretion to identify drug impairment.

Proponents of Proposition 64 have come forward to pledge their support for California law enforcement’s efforts in developing driver impairment tests for marijuana and other drug use. The California Cannabis Industry Association, a pro-marijuana lobbyist group that helped draft Proposition 64, is donating $4 million to law enforcement to help create methods to test and recognize drivers impaired by drugs.

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