COVID-19 Situation: Frequently Asked Questions

covid-19 faq legal casesThe emergence of the coronavirus pandemic upended daily life for all of us last week, leaving many of us worried and feeling uncertain on a very personal level. It is truly an unprecedented time.

At the Arnold Law Firm, we are blessed with a team that is nothing short of amazing. Everyone has jumped into action to adapt, respond, and creatively develop solutions to accommodate the evolving COVID-19 situation to meet the needs of our clients, while staying safe.

We understand that having a pending legal case can already feel stressful and overwhelming – even before the additional coronavirus concerns. We want all of our clients to know that we are here for you one-hundred percent.

We would like to address some frequently asked questions that many of our clients have been wondering:

  • Are you even open? 

The Arnold Law Firm is working on client cases and accepting new client cases via DocuSign but is not physically open to the public. The safety of our clients, staff, and community is our utmost priority. We are adhering to all guidelines from Federal and State authorities, which means no face-to-face appointments are possible at this time.

However, we are still “open” in terms of business operations. Thank goodness for technology! Everyone who can do so is working from home to minimize the number of people physically at the office. Some staff are in place at our office building to handle essential operations and document management – of course with careful social distancing and sanitization procedures in effect.   

We are well-configured to work this way and are proceeding full-steam-ahead to the degree the situation allows.

  • What is going on with the courts? 

Most of the courts are open for document-based work and telephonic hearings. However, for the most part, they are closed for in-person hearings. 

We are able to file motions, but do not expect them to be heard quickly, because the courts have had to adjust procedures for processing papers to allow for social distancing requirements. Emergency hearings are still being conducted promptly via phone. All upcoming trials are postponed for at least 60 days by order of the California Supreme Court.

  • What is the PG&E Bankruptcy status?

This case continues on track as expected. If you have specific questions about this, contact Josh Watson at

  • In light of current court limitations, what are you able to do for my case during this stay-at-home period?  

Much of the work on cases is actually done directly between counsel, and the courts expect counsel to work productively this way. We are still engaged in discovery (written exchange of information), negotiations, and all other case work that does not require an in-person appearance.

  • Should I settle my case as soon as possible?

If you have concerns, talk with your legal team about your specific situation. We understand that these are uneasy times and that many of you are worried about delays, lower settlement offers, and uncertainty.

While our firm is fully up and running, outside delays are indeed a factor. Many insurance adjustors are scrambling to set up remote work arrangements. It is taking longer to reach contacts, but our staff is on top of communications and motivating progress.