John Stralen Becomes Member of American Board of Trial Advocates

The Arnold Law Firm is proud to announce the membership approval of personal injury attorney John Stralen to the American Board of Trial Advocates (ABOTA), Sacramento Valley Chapter!

Nominated ABOTA candidates must receive at least a 75 percent vote of members in attendance in order to be approved. Potential qualified members must be invited to apply and must have successfully acted as lead counsel for a minimum of ten jury trials.

ABOTA is a national association of experienced trial lawyers and judges dedicated to the preservation of the Seventh Amendment. It was formed in 1957 by a small group of young lawyers during a time when the civil jury system was under the harsh scrutiny of the press and public. Their mission was to preserve the right to a civil jury trial and “justice by the people.”

To this day, they seek attorneys “who display skill, civility and integrity, to help younger attorneys achieve a higher level of trial advocacy and to educate the public about the vital importance of the Seventh Amendment.”

Congratulations on your substantial accomplishment, Mr. Stralen!