The Importance of Car Accident Witnesses

court-witness-guyEven when they are at fault, drivers seldom admit to causing a car accident. They may be concerned about their insurance rates going up as a result. Or, they may be worried about not having enough insurance coverage and needing to pay out of pocket for some of the damages.

A credible, objective witness may be beneficial to your claim, especially when there is good reason to believe the other driver is at fault but refuses to accept liability.

The Sacramento car accident attorneys at the Arnold Law Firm locate and interview witnesses to support the claims of our clients whenever possible.

Why Are Witnesses So Important?

Each driver involved in a car accident is naturally biased, which is why insurance companies, juries and attorneys value the perspective of unbiased witnesses. If the insurance company discovers that you have a credible witness, they may be motivated to settle for a fair amount of compensation.

Objective witnesses usually have nothing to lose by giving an honest depiction of the accident. If the witness does not have a relationship with either driver, there is no incentive for him or her to favor one driver over another. If the witness saw one driver speeding through a red light, he or she is more likely to be honest and side with the victim.

Who is an Objective Witness?

Objective witnesses may include pedestrians who were nearby during the crash. Other examples of witnesses include construction workers, business owners and drivers and passengers in other vehicles who were not involved in the crash.

There are several factors to consider when determining the credibility of witnesses, such as:

  • Was the witness driving a car and focused on avoiding the accident?
  • Is the witness relying on observations made by someone else?
  • Did the witness see the accident from start to finish?
  • Is the witness a convicted felon?
  • Does the witness have a reputation for dishonesty?

While passengers in either vehicle can make good witnesses, they may not be as objective, because they have a connection to the driver.

Obtaining Witness Statements

Written or recorded statements from witnesses may be used as valuable evidence to boost your claim.

Since car accidents can happen very quickly, victims may struggle to remember important details about what happened, especially after time has gone by. For example, you may not remember many details about what happened in the moments leading up to the accident and at the moment of impact.

If you have a valid claim, the lawyers at the Arnold Law Firm are prepared to interview witnesses to find out if they could help strengthen your claim.

Seek out witnesses before you leave the accident scene if it is safe to do so. Ask for contact information and take notes on your conversations. You can also record a video of your conversation, with permission from the witness.

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