What Are the Benefits of Hiring a Car Accident Attorney?

discussion with paperworkA car accident can negatively impact the lives of victims and their families. Sorting out medical care, time off work and property damage can feel burdensome, especially if you do not know where to start to pursue compensation for these damages.

If you have been injured in a car accident, legal representation may be in your best interest. Talk to a skilled car accident attorney in Sacramento and have him or her review your claim. A well-respected lawyer will navigate the claims process, handle communications and pursue the best possible outcome, so you can focus on your health and recovery while we help you obtain compensation and justice.

Your attorney will investigate your case, support your claims with strong evidence, guide you through the legal process, and fight to help you get the compensation you deserve. Attorney representation provides many benefits, including:

1. Dealing with Insurers

Most car accident cases begin with filing an insurance claim with the at-fault driver’s insurer. Dealing with insurance companies on your own can be tricky. Insurance adjusters are not looking out for you – they are actively working to minimize the amount of money they must pay you.

Your attorney will handle all insurance communications related to your case to make sure your rights are protected. An experienced lawyer knows the tactics insurers use to reduce the value of a claim, such as attempting to place blame for the accident on the victim.

With a lawyer representing you, the insurance company knows that you are prepared to seek appropriate compensation and may sue if they attempt to undervalue your claim.

2. Proving Liability

In car accident cases, compensation potential depends on proving the negligence or fault of one of the other parties involved in the crash. Your attorney will gather the information from your accident to show that the other party was at fault for your injuries.

Your attorney will work to prove these four elements of negligence or fault:

  • You were owed a duty of care by the at-fault party
  • The at-fault party breached this duty
  • Your injuries were caused by the breach of duty
  • You suffered losses due to your injuries

3. Supporting Your Claim with Evidence

By performing a thorough investigation of your accident, your attorney will gather important evidence that connects your injury to the crash. This evidence will be used to prove your claim to insurers and in court, if necessary.

Evidence in your case may include:

  • Accident reports
  • Statements from witnesses
  • Accident scene photos from intersection cameras or witnesses
  • Video footage from cameras at nearby businesses or from witnesses
  • Medical records
  • Medical tests and scans

4. Knowledge of Applicable Laws

A seasoned attorney knows California traffic laws and how to apply them to your case to prove fault. Your lawyer will use this knowledge to demonstrate which laws were broken by the at-fault party, how this violation caused the accident, and how the at-fault party is responsible for the damages you sustained.

Another benefit of this knowledge is that your attorney can help ensure a personal injury claim is filed within the applicable statute of limitations. If you do not file your claim within this timeframe, you may lose your right to pursue compensation for your injuries.

5. Valuing Your Claim

Car accidents are often very expensive, especially when injuries are involved. Medical bills, time off work for recovery, and pain and suffering are damages that need to be considered when determining the value of a claim.

An attorney can evaluate all case factors that contribute to how much compensation is fair in your situation. This is very important when determining whether an insurer is attempting to get away with offering you a low settlement.

Factors your lawyer will examine when valuing your claim include:

  • Your medical bills from the accident
  • Expected future medical costs, such as therapy and surgery
  • Lost wages if you were unable to work while recovering
  • Past and future lost income if your injury prevents you from performing your normal job
  • Cost of replacing your vehicle and personal property
  • Current and future impact the injury has on your life

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