Do More Car Crashes Happen Close to Home in California?

image of neighborhood road at sunset.Drivers often relax significantly once they are within a few miles of where they live. Despite being close to home and in a familiar area, a car crash can still happen.

In this article, our attorneys at Arnold Law Firm discuss Sacramento car crashes that happen close to home, including some of the common causes and how to avoid them.

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Why Do Drivers Get Into Car Crashes Close to Home?

Drivers get into car crashes close to home for many reasons. Some of the most common reasons include:

Familiar Areas and Routine Routes

It is common to relax when driving in a familiar area, such as your neighborhood, especially if you drive it every day. Taking the same route to and from your destination each day is another factor that increases the likelihood a driver will “zone out” behind the wheel. In either situation, drivers may let their guard down and get too comfortable, which could cause them to stop focusing on the road.


When drivers are traveling on a well-known route, they are more likely to talk or text on the phone. They may start thinking about what they are doing for dinner or what they have to do before the next day. Driving while distracted or allowing your mind to drift off behind the wheel could cause you to miss someone darting into the road. You might even fail to notice a neighborhood stop sign or red light. Running through these traffic signals could cause you to hit another vehicle that had the right of way.

Local Traffic

Traffic patterns around neighborhoods are much different from traffic patterns on highways or other busy roads. Residential areas have more stop signs, pedestrian crossings and intersections. While these areas are convenient for people commuting on foot or on a bicycle, it creates more opportunities for a distracted driver to injure someone in an accident.


Drivers need to change their speed multiple times during their route due to varying speed limits posted in different areas. When people get too familiar with a route, they may not notice speed limit changes. Traveling too fast through certain areas, such as in a residential neighborhood or near a school, could lead to a crash.

Parking and Driveway Hazards

Most neighborhood streets are filled with parked cars and other obstacles that can make it difficult for drivers to pass. If drivers are not paying close attention, they may collide with a vehicle, pedestrian or bicyclist.


Many drivers get behind the wheel when they feel  tired. This situation is especially common for workers driving home after a long day at work Fatigue can affect their judgment and reaction times.

What Tips Could Help You Avoid a Car Crash Close to Home?

Some key tips that could help to reduce your risk of getting into an auto accident close to home include:

  • Remind yourself not to let a familiar area allow you to become careless. Turn off your music close to home, leave your phone off and stay focused on the roads.
  • Follow traffic laws, speed limits and other rules of the road no matter where you are driving.
  • Be mindful as you go past your neighbor’s driveways, keeping in mind they may be pulling in or backing out.
  • Keep a close watch for animals and children playing in or around driveways. Small children, especially, can be impulsive and forget to look before running into the street. Even teens may zip around a neighborhood on a scooter or bicycle, while others may jaywalk unexpectedly. Traveling slower through these areas and paying attention gives you more time to stop if the unexpected happens.
  • Avoid parking your vehicle on the side of the street, if possible. This step can help to ensure your vehicle does not get hit by someone else.
  • Get neighbors involved in watching out for each other. Keep an eye out for other drivers going too fast through your neighborhood and report them.
  • Avoid driving on very short trips. If you only have to travel a couple of blocks, consider walking instead.

What To Do After an Accident Close to Home

Drivers have a legal duty to others to remain alert and follow traffic laws at all times. While many drivers take reasonable steps to look out for themselves and others, a car crash may still occur.

Your most important step after any car crash is to get examined at a nearby emergency room right away. This step helps to protect your health—even if you don’t think you were injured. Getting examined by a doctor also creates a medical record. This documentation provides key evidence that helps to link your injuries to the crash that caused them.

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