Wrong-Way Crash Results in Two Deaths

california wrong way signTwo people were killed in a head-on collision on Monday involving a wrong-way driver.

The three-vehicle collision occurred on White Rock Road near Prairie City Road south of Highway 50 around 8:20 a.m., according to the California Highway Patrol (CHP).

CHP officials reported the wrong-way vehicle was driven by a 41-year-old man traveling west on eastbound White Rock Road when it crashed into a vehicle driven by a 21-year-old woman. Another eastbound vehicle traveling behind the woman also became involved in the crash and spun out of control.

The wrong-way driver and the 21-year-old woman were both killed in the crash. The driver of the third vehicle suffered minor to moderate injuries, according to the CHP.

Witnesses reported that the wrong-way driver was speeding around 80 to 100 mph just before the collision occurred.

CHP is currently investigating the collision and why the wrong-way driver was driving recklessly.

California Attempts to Prevent Wrong-Way Driving

Although wrong-way crashes only account for a small percentage of fatal highway collisions, these types of accidents are almost always deadly.

To address the dangers that wrong-way drivers pose to California’s roads, the CHP and the California Department of Transportation (Caltrans) created a pilot program that aims to prevent future incidences.

The wrong-way driver prevention pilot program will focus on U.S. Route 50, Interstate 5 and Interstate 80. The project will install wrong-way traffic signs with an advanced monitoring system that will alert CHP and Caltrans whenever a vehicle is driving in the wrong lane. The signs will be equipped with cameras that take photographs of the vehicle for law enforcement to use.

The project also includes the installment of pavement markers that flash to alert a driver if he or she is traveling in the wrong direction.

Legal Help for Victims of Wrong-Way Accidents

Wrong-way accidents are avoidable, and drivers who cause wrong-way collisions often do so out of negligence or some form of reckless behavior.

Those who have been injured or lost someone they love in an accident caused by a wrong-way crash may have legal options that can help ease some of the financial burdens that follow.

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