Vehicle Slams Into Dentists Office

acura hits dental officeIt was an interesting start to the day in Sacramento on Thursday. Early this morning, at the corner of Watt Avenue and Arden Way, three individuals were speeding in an Acura when they collided with a utility pole. The accident occurred at approximately 4 a.m. when the California Highway Patrol was first alerted to the accident.

The Acura was driving north on Watt Avenue and when the car crashed, it brought power lines attached to the power pole down onto the street. The car then continued to careen wildly and narrowly avoided hitting a tree.

The car finally clipped the corner of a wall before smashing through a glass window into the lobby of a dental office and coming to a complete stop.

Shortly thereafter, a big rig also traveling north on Watt Avenue caught the power lines in its wheels and began to drag them down the street. The power lines were still attached to the other pole on the other side of the street and as the lines were dragged, they brought the other pole crashing down.

The big rig continued driving as everything around the street continued to explode in a chain reaction of power lines and poles collapsing.

Witnesses reported that three men then exited the vehicle and ran away from the scene of the accident. It is suspected that the Acura was stolen, however police do not have any reports of a stolen Acura in the area.

Although no one was physically injured, the Acura caused substantial private and public property damage. Police are still looking for the suspects involved in the accident and are asking that anyone with information come forward as soon as possible.

Reckless drivers who insist on speeding are among the most dangerous drivers on the roads. Speeding is known to decrease the amount of time drivers have to react.

If you or someone you love have been injured in an accident where the other driver was speeding, you may be entitled to financial compensation.

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