Can Traumatic Brain Injury Lead to Aggressive Driving?

aggressive driverA recent study revealed that those who have experienced a traumatic brain injury (TBI) have a greater likelihood of engaging in high levels of aggressive driving behaviors, such as yelling and making threats to other drivers.

Previous studies have identified a link between mental illness or substance abuse and the likelihood of aggressive driving. This was the first study to research the link between TBI and aggressive driving accidents.

The study defined TBI as trauma to the head that causes the person to lose consciousness or to be hospitalized overnight. Some of the top causes of TBI are car accidents, falls, and blunt trauma caused by being hit over the head, according to the Centers for Disease Control.

Researchers with the Centre for Addiction and Mental Health examined the driving histories of 4,000 drivers in Ontario ages 18 to 97. They also conducted a massive survey, of which almost 17 percent responded as having a history of TBI.

The study determined that those with a history of TBI were more likely to have engaged in aggressive driving in the previous year. Their risk for being in an auto accident with injuries was also significantly increased.

Although a link was identified, researchers cannot state whether the relationship is causal at this time.

The results do, however, suggest that the health of your brain plays a significant role in your ability for cognitive processing, which ultimately affects a persons driving abilities. Through further research, these types of studies will be able to help us better understand and improve driving safety.

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