California Launches Effort to Fix Dangerous Highway 193

road constructionRural, winding California highways can be beautiful and scenic. Yet, many of these same roads present dangerous conditions for motorists, including Highway 193 in the Newcastle area.

Over a four year span, there were 34 collisions, including three fatalities, along a particularly curvy 1.1-mile segment of Highway 193. All but one of the collisions were single-vehicle accidents, involving the driver rolling their vehicle over or swerving off the highway and hitting a pole or tree.

Law enforcement officials have stated that impaired driving due to drugs or alcohol was not a contributing factor in these accidents. Instead, the winding and twisting layout of the road itself is the presumed cause of the accidents.

In response to these prevalent collisions, the California Department of Transportation (CalTrans) launched a $17.4 million construction project to increase roadway safety on Highway 193 and several other rural roads throughout the state. The project includes removing obstructions that cause blind spots, widening highways, paving roadway shoulders and straightening dangerous curves.

On Highway 193, the stretch from Clark Tunnel Road to Mandarin Hill Road is considered the most hazardous. For this reason, construction crews will begin working in this area first. The improvements are expected to take approximately two years, with a completion date tentatively set for the beginning of 2018.

The project also addresses the tendency of wildlife to cross rural roadways. A tunnel will be constructed under Highway 193 to encourage animals to cross at a safe distance from vehicles. According to local biologists, animals that find themselves on Highway 193 are likely attempting to follow the nearby creek, a natural migratory path.

While the upcoming changes will improve the safety of drivers and animals alike, motorists are still urged to take necessary precautions when traveling on Highway 193. Remember to obey posted speed limits and wear your seat belt. Even after the tunnel is complete, wildlife officials still warn motorists to watch for animals crossing roads in rural areas.

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