California Semi-Trailer Truck Accidents Have Become a Big Concern

On any given day, there are over two million semi-trailer trucks travelling on U.S. roads and highways. Semi-trucks play an integral role in local, national, and international commerce. As the economy continues to improve, freight traffic increases, causing the potential for more semi-truck accidents.

California’s Interstate 80 has had numerous big rig accidents over the past few months. Last week alone, five semi-trucks were involved in a crash, and four others overturned while travelling on the mountainous stretch of Interstate 80 during a rain storm.

Thursday morning, a semi-truck heading east on Interstate 80, slid into embankment while travelling downhill from the Donner Summit. When the rig hit the embankment, its trailer dislodged and ricocheted into another semi-truck. Immediately after hitting the embankment, the first truck burst into flames. The accident caused traffic to come to an immediate halt, causing a third semi-truck to slam into two additional big rigs that were stopped on the road. The accident occurred during a storm which made the pavement wet and slippery.

According to the California State Highway Patrol, the driver of the semi-truck that slid into the embankment was seriously injured and flown to a local hospital. Two additional drivers were hurt, but their injuries were not serious.

On average, semi-trucks weigh 76,000 pounds a lot of weight to maintain control over. In comparison, an average car weighs roughly 4,000 pounds72,000 pounds lighter.

To help maintain safety when sharing the road with semi-trucks, avoid driving closely behind big rigs, be careful not to position your vehicle in the truck drivers blind spot, and never pull out directly in front of a truck. Semi-trailer trucks are heavy and they may not be able to slow down fast enough to prevent hitting your vehicle.

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