Where Should I Go for Medical Attention After an Accident?

Many accident victims may not know whether they suffered an injury in an accident until a doctor diagnoses them. This may happen with a concussion or a soft-tissue injury.

That is why it is important to seek medical attention as soon as possible after an accident. Seeking the right type of treatment, however, is equally as important. Sometimes the liable insurance may pressure you to see a certain doctor, but you have the right to choose who treats you.

If you were injured in an accident caused by someone else’s negligent actions and are concerned about the doctors the insurance company is suggesting, you should call our Sacramento car crash lawyers today to discuss your legal options. The consultation is free and there are no upfront fees.

How Soon After the Accident Should I Seek Treatment?

It would be in your best interest to seek medical attention as soon as possible after a crash. Not only can this help to establish causation between your injuries and the accident, but it may also help stabilize your injuries to prevent further damage.

If you wait to see a doctor after the accident, the liable insurance company is likely going to try to deny or devalue your claim. They will argue that you were not injured in the collision because you did not need medical attention and you are only filing a claim to get money. Even if you manage to prove you are injured, the insurance company will say that your injuries were a result of another incident and they should not be held liable.

Get to a doctor as soon as you can after a crash even if you do not feel injured. Some ailments may not present symptoms until the adrenaline from the incident has worn off, which could take several hours or even a couple days. Waiting to get treatment may make your injuries worse than they would have been had you sought immediate medical attention.

Should I Go to The Hospital or Urgent Care?

Whether you require emergency medical assistance depends on the severity of your injuries immediately after the collision. Some accident victims may require an ambulance to take them to a hospital while others may be able to take themselves to the hospital.

Since seeking medical attention is a top priority for all accident victims, you should at least be seen by an Emergency Medical Technician (EMT) at the scene of the crash. An EMT may be able to provide a preliminary diagnosis of your injuries and could help determine whether you need to go to the hospital.

In some cases, an accident victim may choose not to go to the hospital but instead go to urgent care to avoid the costs of the ambulance ride. An EMT may be able to help you determine if your injuries warrant a ride in an ambulance to the hospital.

Should I See My Primary Care Physician?

Although there is some sense in seeing your primary care physician (PCP) due to him or her knowing your medical history, this may not always be the doctor who will be able to best treat you for your injuries. Most PCPs specialize in internal medicine and not on the types of injuries associated with motor vehicle collisions.

However, your PCP may be able to make referrals for other doctors who treat the area of the body where your injury occurred, so it might be a good idea to at least make an appointment and discuss your options, after getting treatment at the hospital.

Should I See a Specialist?

Generally, accident victims will need to see a specialist, such as an orthopedic surgeon or chiropractor.

Remember that the types of injuries associated with motor vehicle accidents often involve your spine, soft tissues, muscles and bones. In some cases, an accident victim may require steroidal injections or surgery. These treatments may only be prescribed by a specialist like an orthopedic surgeon or neurologist.

Can My Attorney Recommend a Doctor?

There is a chance your attorney has worked with a variety of doctors who have treated their clients. Therefore, your attorney may be able to provide names of physicians with good reputations for their work and bedside manner.

Attorneys sometimes prefer to work with doctors who they have worked with in the past due to the positive feedback from clients and their ability to provide clear and concise notes, as well as their willingness to provide testimony when necessary.

Ultimately the decision of which doctor to see lies with the injury victim. You need to find a doctor you trust and who fits your needs.

The insurance company may try to recommend a doctor, but keep in mind that the doctor will not be an independent and objective party.

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