Sacramento Has Fatal Traffic Accident Hotspots Despite Overall Accident Decline

fatal-traffic-accident-hotspotSacramento has seen a decline in fatal traffic accidents in recent years.

However, areas throughout the city are known as fatal accident hotspots, because residents are more likely to perish from drunk driving, speeding, or car-and-pedestrian accidents in these locations.

Over the past twenty years, Sacramento’s population has grown by over one-hundred thousand residents, yet the number of people who have died from traffic accidents has dropped by nearly six percent.

The drop in fatalities is largely accredited to an increase in seatbelt use, better child restraints, and fewer young drivers on the roads.

Despite the overall decrease in vehicle-related deaths, fatal traffic accident hotspots around the city are a concern.

Sacramento Traffic Fatality Hotspots

In 2014, nearly 170 people lost their lives in car crashes in Sacramento. Many of these deadly accidents took place at one of the following traffic fatality hotspots:

  • U.S. 99 between Florin Road and Fruitridge Road
  • Power Inn Road near Florin Road
  • The intersection of I-80 and the Capitol City Freeway in West Sacramento
  • The Capitol City Freeway near Arden

According to data from the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration (NHTSA), these fatal accident hotspots contributed greatly to Sacramento’s current traffic fatality rate of 7 per every 100,000 residents.

The NHTSA data also included detailed statistics regarding Sacramento’s traffic death hotspots, such as:

  • 34 percent of the fatal accidents were alcohol-related
  • 31 percent of the fatalities were caused by reckless driving
  • 21 percent of the accidents involved the death of a pedestrian

While Sacramento has not seen more than 200 traffic-related deaths per year since 2007, the growing number of fatalities at the city’s hotspots has region officials looking for ways to improve traffic safety in these locations.

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