Sacramento County DUI Resources

Arnold Law Firm, Sacramento County DUI Lawyers, share the following DUI resources and statistics so that personal injury clients understand that there are two legal systems which remedy personal injury claims arising out of DUI accidents. While our firm will help you address the civil, financial, medical and insurance related consequences of your DUI accident, the driver will also face criminal prosecutions and repercussions.

Many of our clients feel victimized by the DUI drivers who have derailed their lives. This brief summary is intended to provide context to the criminal DUI cases that the driver who hurt you will be navigating. The goal of our Sacramento personal injury attorneys is to restore our clients and to empower them after a personal injury motor vehicle accident.

California DUI Laws

Though the actual penalties for driving while under the influence may vary, there are general guidelines, including:

  • The legal BAC limit is .08.
  • Commercial drivers have a BAC limit of .04.
  • Implied consent laws require individuals to take Breathalyzer tests. Refusal may lead to a fine and an automatic license suspension.

California DUI Penalties

Potential DUI penalties depend on the precise nature of the accident and arrest. Judges are allowed to exceed the minimum penalties and in especially egregious cases, they will do so.

  • 1st conviction: over 1,000 fines and fees, 48 hours in jail, license restrictions for 3 months, alcohol-treatment programs, license suspension.
  • 2nd conviction: 10 days in jail, license suspension for one year, and escalating fines and fees.

California DUI Statistics

  • In 2011, over 180,000 DUI arrests occurred in California.
  • Nearly 10% of DUI arrests are DUI reckless driving arrests.
  • Over 1,000 individuals die from DUI related motor vehicle accidents each year.
  • 35% of car accident fatalities in California involve intoxicated drivers.
  • In 2011, 175,000 licenses were suspended.
  • Over 350 juvenile license were suspended in 2011.