Do I Have Options if the Insurance Company Undervalues My Injury Claim?

person-with-sling-shaking-lawyers-handInsurance companies typically offer the least possible amount of compensation to accident victims. If you receive a lowball offer, you may be concerned that the amount fails to fully compensate you for your losses.

Below, our Sacramento car accident attorneys explain possible options you may have after an insurance company undervalues a claim. Request a free, no-obligation consultation today to learn more.

Why Injury Claims May be Undervalued

With an accident claim, the goal of the insurance company is to minimize the amount of money paid to the victim. Adjusters examine all elements of a claim, looking for factors that can be used to reduce your payout.

One factor they may consider is whether you took appropriate action to reduce further damages and losses after your accident – including seeking prompt medical treatment for your injuries.

If you fail to see a doctor immediately after your accident and obtain a diagnosis, the insurance company may claim your actions, or lack thereof, contributed to your worsened condition. They may suggest that your injury was caused by something else that occurred after the accident. They may also assert that the original severity of your injury is unknown due to the lack of immediate treatment.

If you miss medical appointments for treatment, the insurance company may claim that you did not act to aid your recovery and prevent your condition from worsening. They may also claim your injury must not be as bad as you say.

If you do anything else that fails to adhere to your doctor’s treatment plan, the insurance company may claim your actions caused your condition to worsen and make you responsible for delayed recovery.

Can I Make a Counteroffer?

You do not have to accept an undervalued offer from the insurance company. Your attorney may advise making a counteroffer. The insurance company may also choose to counter your offer. This negotiation process may then go back and forth as you attempt to reach a favorable settlement with the insurance company.

Working with a skilled car accident lawyer during negotiations can help you obtain full, fair compensation for your losses, because your lawyer will be focused on protecting your best interests.

Going to Trial

The negotiation process can continue until one party refuses to budge any further. If the most recent settlement offered by the insurance company is still not enough to cover your damages, your last resort may be to file a lawsuit.

However, negotiations may continue even after filing a lawsuit. Many lawsuits are settled before they reach trial. A settlement can help the insurance company avoid the additional expenses of going to court, as well as avoid the risk of paying a higher compensation amount as determined by the jury.

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