Older Vehicles Present Safety Concerns for Teens

older cars and teen driversThe Insurance Institute for Highway Safety (IIHS) reports that older cars are the worst cars for teens. Teenage drivers are at a higher risk for auto accident fatalities. To reduce this risk, it is imperative that the vehicles they drive offer adequate updated safety equipment and collision protection. Older cars lack the crash protection and extensive safety technology that newer models offer.

Between 2008 and 2012, nearly half of teen drivers who were killed in automobile accidents were driving vehicles over 11 years old. Many of the safety features we rely on today simply were not standard on vehicles manufactured a decade ago.

In the past, electronic stability control was found mainly as an option in luxury vehicles as of 2012, it is required for all new automobiles. While side and curtain air bags provide vital protection in newer vehicles, this technology was not a standard feature for most models made 10 years ago.

Not all parents can purchase brand-new vehicles for their teens, but it is important to select the safest model they can afford. The smaller, older vehicles which are more affordable or vehicles that are handed down from one family member to another are not always equipped with important safety features and can be a dangerous option for teens.

IIHS has compiled a list of safe cars for teen drivers. IIHS reports that larger, heavier vehicles are safer for teen drivers, as they provide more protection in the event of an accident compared to smaller, compact vehicles. Electronic stability control is a must for a teenagers car, as this safety technology will help the driver keep control of the automobile when road and weather conditions are not ideal. High horsepower engines should be avoided to reduce the temptation to speed.

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