What Are the Long-Term Effects of Motorcycle Accidents?

young man in a wheelchair looking off sadlyMotorcycle accidents often result in permanent injuries or death. A long-term injury or the loss of a loved one can leave long-lasting emotional and physical scars, as well as cause serious financial difficulties.

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Below, we discuss some of the effects motorcycle accident victims may feel for a long time after the initial incident.

What Are the Long-Term Physical Effects?

Motorcycles provide much less protection for riders compared to passenger vehicles.

This makes it more likely that you will suffer a permanent injury if an accident occurs. Some of the most common injuries that may result from a motorcycle accident include the following:

These types of injuries may result in permanent disabilities. For example, a spinal cord injury could result in full or partial paralysis. An individual’s life could be completely altered due to this type of injury. Victims may no longer be able to care for themselves without daily assistance.

Disfiguring injuries, such as an amputation or severe burns, could also limit a person physically. A missing limb could make it more difficult to be independent. A burn injury could create physical limitations as well because as the skin heals, it shrinks, which results in a limited range of motion.

Any injuries to the head, such as a skull fracture or TBI, could result in serious brain damage. This might affect a person’s ability to learn new things or remember past things.

Although broken bones may heal, there are long-term effects that may be experienced as a result. For example, an individual who requires surgery due to a comminuted fracture may experience debilitating pain when the temperature drops or it is raining because of the metal implanted in the affected area.

What Are the Long-Term Psychological Effects?

When someone suffers a permanent injury that alters his or her life, there will be psychological consequences. For example, individuals who suffer from TBIs are more likely to become depressed. A person whose physical abilities are limited, making it difficult to participate in the things he or she once enjoyed, could also fall into a depressive state.

Then there are the psychological effects on the person’s loved ones. For example, the victim’s sexual relationship with his or her partner may be affected.

There is also an increased likelihood that the accident victim could develop Post-Traumatic Stress Disorder (PTSD) from the accident itself. This could mean the individual never wants to ride a motorcycle again or becomes terrified at the idea of riding in the type of vehicle that caused the collision.

What Are the Long-Term Financial Effects?

All the physical and psychological effects of a motorcycle accident will likely result in financial difficulties. This is because of the costs of medical treatment for the injuries, both physical and emotional.

It is also important to consider how the physical limitations of an individual may affect his or her ability to work. Someone who is paralyzed from the waist down may no longer be able to work in any capacity. If he or she was the primary income earner in a household, his or her family could be seriously financially impacted.

Even an injury that only takes a person out of work for several months could mean the difference between financial security and insecurity, as most families live paycheck to paycheck.

Accident cases may take months to resolve. That means medical debt will be piling up as victims struggle to make payments. If they cannot negotiate with their doctors or health insurance company to hold off on sending the bills to collections, their credit score could also be impacted.

Can These Long-Term Effects Be Compensated?

With help from an experienced attorney, motorcycle accident victims may be able to recover compensation for all these long-term effects caused by the crash.

California is an at-fault state. This means that as the victim, you have the right to file an insurance claim with the driver who caused the collision.

Your attorney may be able to negotiate a fair settlement or file a lawsuit to recover the compensation you need for medical bills, lost wages, pain and suffering, and other long-term damages.

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