Lamborghini Crash in Natomas Injures Two

lamborghini crashAn expensive Lamborghini was traveling eastbound on Del Paso and Truxel Road, when it rolled over and burst into flames. Witnesses in Natomas, where the accident occurred after 7 p.m. on Monday night, reported seeing two vehicles chasing one another shortly before the accident.

Law enforcement officials, however, have not been able to confirm these reports and officials are still looking to establish whether another vehicle, was in fact on the scene. According to authorities, there were reportedly two individuals in the car when it crashed and caught on fire. Amazingly, both occupants only sustained minor injuries and they were transported to area hospitals with emergency medical personnel. The Sacramento Fire Department arrived on the scene to extinguish the flames and traffic was delayed in the area until authorities could clear the scene.

Officials suspect that the driver was speeding shortly before he lost control. However, no one was arrested and drugs and alcohol are not believed to be factors.

Dangers of Speeding

While sports cars are meant to entice drivers with speed, they can pose serious dangers to everyone on the road. Even when driving a high-powered sports vehicle, drivers should take time to ensure that they remain within the speed limits. 

In such cars, the potential for a catastrophic accident is heightened. Fast sports cars speeding on residential roads is a recipe for disaster. Each year, thousands of individuals are killed in speeding related car crashes. There are ways to avoid these tragedies. Follow the speed limit and other traffic laws to minimize the danger to yourself and the danger to others.

When a driver speeds or drives above the speed limit, they are displaying negligence. Experienced Sacramento car accident attorneys at Arnold Law Firm are ready to assist you. Our attorneys will review the facts of your case during a free consultation and tell you the steps moving forward.

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