Insurance Company Attempts to Deny Treatment Recommended by Doctor

reviewing insurance documentsPrior to late August 2016, Daisy was an active retiree who enjoyed tending to her vegetable garden and bike riding with her 10-year-old granddaughter.  On her way to pick up her granddaughter at school, Daisy was waiting for a safe moment to proceed through a right turn at an intersection with a red light.

Suddenly, a small Ford SUV rear-ended her Ford Fusion sedan, hitting her vehicle hard enough to cause $7,000 of property damage.

Daisy was disoriented and dizzy from the impact, with head, neck and back pain and numbness in her left arm and hand. A very long wait time at the urgent care clinic made her decide to make an appointment to see her doctor the following day instead.

This was the third time that Daisy had suffered a rear-end collision, and she had significant hesitations about her treatment options. With each accident, her back pain had gotten progressively worse, so she was skeptical about the expense of ongoing physical therapy or chiropractic treatments. Pain medication provided limited relief for the pinched nerve in her back.

After nearly two years of persistent pain and sporadic treatment, a new doctor recommended surgery as the last remaining option to resolve her back pain and restore mobility.

Daisy came to the Arnold Law Firm for help. The insurance company offered to pay only for her property damage, arguing that a seven-month gap in her medical treatment was reason to deny her need for back surgery.

Our legal team filed Daisy’s lawsuit – provoking the insurance company to tender its $15,000 policy limits faster than we could serve the suit on the defendant! Daisy is now scheduled for surgery and able to pursue an underinsured case with her own insurance company for an additional settlement to ensure she receives the full medical care she needs.

Treatment for injuries from vehicle accidents can be costly and time consuming, and insurance companies may argue that medical care is unnecessary or unrelated.

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