Hiring an Experienced Attorney is Essential

lawyer studying a caseJust days before his 24th birthday, California resident John Doe’s young life was irreversibly shattered while performing seasonal work in North Dakota.

John was riding as a passenger in his supervisor’s vehicle when a commercial tanker truck collided with their car at an intersection. The sedan was totaled.

John suffered a seriously fractured skull and brain injuries, and he retained no knowledge of the accident. Despite years of therapy and rehabilitation, John remains permanently wheelchair-bound and will require assistance for the remainder of his life.

His boss died.

When John’s case was brought to the Arnold Law Firm, the traffic accident report was incomplete and inaccurate. This gave tremendous weight to statements made by the truck driver that deflected liability onto the deceased driver of the sedan.

The legal team at the Arnold Law Firm dug deeper to find the facts. Our investigation revealed evidence of numerous trucking violations that contributed to the incident, dramatically changing the dynamics of the case.

If you are in a serious accident, don’t just hire an attorney. Hire an experienced attorney who has the knowledge and resources to look beyond the obvious.

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