Who Covers the Cost of an Expert Witness in a Car Crash Case?

legal documents and ipad at courthouseExpert witness testimony can make a significant difference in the outcome of your car crash claim. Some complex collisions may even require multiple experts to prove a claim effectively.

An expert witness is a highly trained professional with the skill and expertise to further investigate the accident and provide a testimony in a personal injury claim. These witnesses help explain certain aspects of a case that may be in question, particularly things that require technical knowledge and prior experience.

California law states that an individual can testify if he or she has the knowledge, skill and experience on the subject at hand. For example, a medical expert could be used to determine the severity of your injuries or an accident reconstruction specialist could help determine fault for the accident.

Lawyers from both sides can use expert witnesses to help explain difficult topics. The expert witness should be neutral with no allegiance to either party as he or she is expected to provide an honest and objective testimony to help all parties better understand the situation.

Covering the Cost for an Expert Witness

Most personal injury attorneys offer a contingency fee contract. This means that the law firm will be compensated for legal services if recovery is obtained for your claim. This also usually means that you will not pay costs upfront, because the law firm will incur any costs related to your case, to be deducted later from your recovery amount.

We cover all the legal costs for our clients upfront, which includes paying for any expert witnesses. The attorney fees and other costs associated with your case are reimbursed after we win compensation on your behalf. If we do not obtain compensation for your claim, you owe us nothing.

What Types of Expert Witnesses Are Available?

The details of your situation and the complexities of your case will determine whether you need to hire an expert witness and which professional specialty is needed. Types of expert witness include:

  • Medical professionals
  • Mental health experts
  • Accident reconstructionists
  • Scientists
  • Engineers
  • Financial/economic experts

The Arnold Law Firm has an established network of expert witnesses to help validate your claim. For our clients, we recommend whether an expert witness is necessary and hire credible, qualified expert witnesses after reviewing their reputation, experience testifying, and published work, if available.

Contact a Lawyer You Can Trust

When fault for an accident or the severity of your injuries are difficult to prove, an expert witness may be necessary. A licensed lawyer from the Arnold Law firm may be able to help with your claim, including bringing in an expert witness if necessary.

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