Preparing For a Deposition

preparing for a depositionThorough preparation is essential for delivering a good deposition. Opposing counsel may try to provoke you, but it is important that you remain cool, calm and collected. Deposition preparation will help you maintain your composure and deliver proper testimony despite the pressure you may be feeling.

Before your deposition:

  • Try to get quality sleep the night before your deposition, as the process can be strenuous.
  • Only do what your attorney has instructed you to do to prepare for your deposition. Do not perform research or evaluate documents unless you have been instructed to do so.

On the day of your deposition:

  • Dress professionally, as if you were going on a job interview.
  • If documents have been requested of you, bring along copies for yourself, your attorney, and the defenses attorney. Bring the original documents as well to prove that the copies are accurate.

During your deposition:

  • Keep a level head, and try not to show frustration during intense questioning.
  • Speak respectfully, even in heated moments.
  • Tell the truth, as you are under oath.
  • If you don’t know the answer to a question, say so. Never guess or speculate.
  • If you must estimate a date, distance, or other measure, be clear in stating that the answer you have given is an estimate.
  • Answer only what you have been asked. Do not elaborate, and do not go off on tangents. Yes and no are complete answers for many questions.
  • Don’t rush through the deposition. Take your time listening to each complete question and properly formulating your answers. This will also give your attorney time to make objections if necessary.
  • Follow the instruction of your attorney during the deposition.

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