What You Need to Know About Car Accidents in the Rain

driving in rainy weatherInclement weather increases the risk of car accidents due to poor visibility, bad road conditions and the reactions of other drivers. Accident risk rises especially when it is raining.

The Sacramento car accident attorneys of the Arnold Law Firm have put together information to help you understand the risks of driving in the rain and who is at fault if an accident occurs.

Rain Increases the Risk of an Accident

Rain impacts driving conditions, increasing the risk of an accident in many ways, including:

  • Poor visibility due to downpours and dark clouds reduce a driver’s ability to see the road ahead and surrounding vehicles.
  • Drivers who fail to turn on their headlights during rain make it difficult for other drivers to see their vehicles. California law requires motorists to use headlights when driving in the rain.
  • Wet roads decrease road friction and create slick surfaces, impacting a driver’s control over the vehicle.
  • Flooded roadways can cause drivers to lose control of their vehicles. Flooding can also cause drivers to panic and swerve into other vehicles.
  • Sudden heavy rains can slow traffic speeds unexpectedly or bring traffic to a stop, decreasing reaction time.
  • Drivers may over- or under-react during heavy rains, making their actions unpredictable to other motorists.

Who Is Responsible for an Accident?

While rainy weather can contribute to an accident, drivers are ultimately responsible for controlling their vehicles appropriately, no matter what the weather conditions are. When motorists fail to drive safely for current weather conditions, they act negligently and put themselves and others in danger.

At-fault drivers may be held responsible for car accidents that occur in the rain. Insurance companies may try to deny such claims by blaming the weather conditions, but if the at-fault driver did not take appropriate safety precautions to prevent an accident, he or she may still be held liable.

Drivers may be held responsible for car accidents in the rain if they fail to:

  • Reduce speed below posted speed limits, appropriate for the conditions.
  • Pull off the road and wait for conditions to clear when visibility is extremely poor.
  • Keep windshield wipers clean and in good condition.
  • Keep headlights, turn signals, and brake lights in good working order.
  • Drive while sober, not under the influence of drugs or alcohol.

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