California Drivers Ranked Among Worst in Nation

bad crashCalifornia has been ranked as having the second-worst drivers in the U.S., according to a study conducted by Quote Wizard, an insurance company comparison website.

Quote Wizard analyzed statistics gathered from its own reports and the Federal Highway Administration to identify state fatality information and the number of accidents involving speeding tickets, DUIs and additional violations in order to rate each state.

The study revealed that in each category, California placed:

  • Second for DUI accidents
  • Fifth for traffic citations
  • Seventh for auto accidents
  • Ninth for speeding

California cities with the worst drivers included Oakland, Sacramento and Anaheim, respectively.

Quote Wizard has stated that an improved economy is partially responsible for California’s low ranking, since most residents commute to work by driving.

California has seen an increase in drivers in recent years, with Sacramento experiencing a 27-percent increase in motorists from 2009 to 2014. This spike could be related to job creation and lower fuel costs.

The state that received the worst ranking for its drivers was Utah, while the Rhode Island was rated as having the safest drivers and had the lowest fatality rate per licensed driver, according to the Quote Wizard study.

The data also showed that West Coast drivers are not as good as East Coast drivers, who were rated as safer drivers by scoring 13 percent higher.

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