Charles Malmsten

Charles MalmstenCharles Malmsten, an accomplished labor and employment attorney, was born in Seattle, WA, but spent his formative years in Port Angeles and Forks. His mother’s role as a teacher and school board member in the Makah Nation and Port Angeles, and his father’s work as an Attorney with the Quileute Nation, deeply influenced Charles’ commitment to zealous advocacy for the rights of others facing adversity, particularly against those in positions of power. He jokingly refers to himself as “team Jacob” due to his father’s affiliation.

Growing up in the picturesque Pacific Northwest, Charles developed a love for hiking, sailing, and the violin, which he played throughout his school years, even performing at Carnegie Hall. These early experiences instilled in him a sense of perseverance and determination to help others in need.

During his college and graduate studies in Los Angeles, Charles tutored underserved populations in math and English language arts while pursuing his own academic goals. His passion for education led him to join the Teach for America movement, where he spent two years in Baltimore, MD, teaching biology and mentoring students to overcome challenges and pursue their dreams.

After fulfilling his Teach for America commitment, Charles returned to his roots in the Pacific Northwest and enrolled at Lewis and Clark Law School. There, he focused on a variety of legal areas, including medical malpractice, education, and contracts. Throughout his legal education, Charles continued to teach high school students about the criminal justice system and their fundamental rights, all while actively participating in leadership positions within LGBTQIA, Black Law Student, and Student Bar associations.

Upon graduating, Charles made the decision to move back to California to be closer to his family. He successfully completed his bar examination and embarked on a legal career that included practice in Dependency Law and advocacy for employers. However, his true passion and greatest successes have been in advocating for labor unions and employees.

Currently serving with the Arnold Law Firm’s Labor and Employment division, Charles draws from his teaching and union advocacy background to educate and advocate for California’s employees. He greatly values the firm’s dedication to honesty and focus on the employee, aligning with his core beliefs.

Beyond his legal career, Charles actively engages with his community. He was previously a board member of the Oak Park Neighborhood Association and is a member of UC Davis Health Center’s PRIDE organization. In his free time, Charles enjoys gardening in his Oak Park residence and leads his Final Fantasy XIV raid group as a Hrothgar Scholar, a healing character representing his commitment to helping others thrive.

Charles Malmsten’s diverse experience as an attorney, labor relations consultant, and advocate for underserved communities has shaped him into a compassionate and skilled legal professional. His commitment to fighting for the rights of employees and promoting harmonious employer-employee relations makes him a valuable asset to the Arnold Law Firm and a trusted ally for California’s workforce.