Whistleblowers Help Recover $3.3 Billion

According to CNN, whistleblower tips led to a record $3.3 billion recovered by the Justice Department this past year in cases involving frauds against the government.

You may have heard the term before, but what is a whistleblower? And, how does a whistleblower case happen?

A whistleblower is a person who reveals alleged dishonest or illegal activities in a government department or corporate organization. When government is involved in fraudulent activity, the informant is protected by the False Claims Act which was first established in 1863 to combat fraud by suppliers during the Civil War. This act encourages whistleblowers to report misconduct by awarding them a percentage of money recovered by the government and protecting them from wrongful dismissal.

If an employee witnesses fraud within their company that causes losses for the government, the employee should consult confidentially with a reputable attorney about what they saw. If no one else has reported a similar claim, this person has the opportunity to file what is called a Qui Tam lawsuit against their employer. The Qui Tam lawsuit is filed by the informant on behalf of the government.

Once a Qui Tam lawsuit is filed, whistleblowers receive protection against retaliation from their employer. The informer cannot be discriminated against or treated any differently as a result of reporting the wrongdoing. Qui Tam cases are in the best interest of co-workers and the general public, because fraud against the government costs all of us billions of dollars.

If the Qui Tam lawsuit is won, the whistleblower maintains appropriate protection under the False Claims Act and receives 10 to 30 percent of the amount of money recovered by the government as a reward for their involvement in taking action against their employers fraudulent activities.

If you have witnessed fraudulent activity involving a government entity, contact the Arnold Law Firm to determine if you have a possible whistleblower lawsuit opportunity. Our experienced Qui Tam attorneys will evaluate your case with compete confidence and at absolutely no cost to you.

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